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How to Choose Your Westone Ear Plug Material...

Selected Westone custom ear plugs are available in a choice of two types of silicone material: Standard Otoblast Silicone or Ultra-Soft W1 Silicone.

Standard Otoblast Silicone has a Shore Durometer rating of 60. This indicates the "hardness" of the material on a scale from 0 to 100, with 0 being liquid, to 100 indicating no give to the material at all in normal use. At 60, Otoblast silicone is fairly rigid, but with a little give to it. For most applications, standard Otoblast silicone is a good choice.

Ultra Soft W1 Silicone has a Shore Durometer value of 35, indicating it is quite soft. For those using their ear plugs while sleeping, especially if you sleep on your side, W1 is highly recommended. Similarly, if you need to wear your ear plugs for long periods, or under a full helmet, W1 can provide greater comfort, especially when donning and doffing a helmet. Durability for W1 is about the same as for standard Otoblast, so you lose none of the normal life of the product by choosing the softer W1 material.

W1 is not recommended for any custom product that has to be machined after forming, including earpieces with sound channels, acoustic filters, or tube attachments. W1 is also not recommended for use with screw type cord anchors or handles. If you need a cord on your custom ear plugs, they will need to be permanently embedded if you choose W1.