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Decibullz Contour Replacement Molds

Decibullz Contour Replacement Molds

Product Number: adzdbullzmoldspr-000Reviews:
Mfg. Part No: DB-CON-MLD-BLU


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These are replacement thermoset molds for the Decibullz Contour Earphones.

These replacement molds are just like those that come in the original Decibullz Contour DIY Custom Earphones package.

If your original molds get old, dirty, or lost, these replacement molds are just the thing to get your Decibullz Contour earphones back in shape. Just repeat the same process you used when originally assembling your Decibullz Contour earphones: heat up these replacement ear molds, snap the earphones, molds, and eartips together, insert the completed assembly into the ear and gently mold and sculpt the fit -- then just cool for five minutes, and you're ready to go!

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