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EarLabs dBud Adjustable Ear Plugs with Volume Slider

EarLabs dBud Adjustable Ear Plugs with Volume Slider

EarLabs dBud Adjustable Ear Plugs with Volume SliderEarLabs dBud Adjustable Ear Plugs with Volume SliderEarLabs dBud Adjustable Ear Plugs with Volume SliderEarLabs dBud Adjustable Ear Plugs with Volume Slider
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Clear, Safe Sound + Adjustable Volume Slider
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dBud Ear Plugs are an innovative solution that lets you hear naturally while protecting your hearing. What truly sets dBud Earplugs apart is a volume slider that lets you switch effortlessly between ~15dB or ~30dB of hearing protection. In the open position, sounds stay clear, so you can fully experience music and understand voices while wearing your ear plugs. In the closed position, you get the protection you need for high noise environments. dBud is simple to use, comfortable, and it features a sleek and ergonomic design with minimum visual impact.

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Change Volume on the Fly

You can switch modes without taking dBud out of your ears. With a fingertip, you can easily move the volume slider to switch between the two modes of protection (~15dB and ~30 dB). With the ability to change volume settings on the fly, dBud keeps you protected while you're on the move.

Natural Sound, Safe Hearing

dBud works by preserving your ear's natural frequencies. With dBud in the open position, noise must enter through an acoustic mesh that reduces frequencies evenly, for crisp, clear sound. Inside the ear plug, the acoustic core mechanically enhances the sounds you want to hear. Other ear plugs can give you a muffled feeling, cutting out some frequencies more than others. dBud lets you listen safely, in a way that feels natural.

Get Rid of Ringing Ears

Getting the right amount of hearing protection is critical. The sound levels you experience on a daily basis might surprise you. For reference, exposure to noise over 85dB starts to cause a risk of hearing damage. A crowded bar can hit 95dB. A DJ on stage experiences 98dB, and it can reach up to 102dB on the dance floor! At that volume, it only takes about fifteen minutes before you're facing the risk of permanent hearing loss. dBud is the perfect way to protect your ears, helping to prevent both noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

Smart Ear Plugs, Clever Accessories

dBud Earplug AccessoriesThe best ear plugs are always in reach, and dBud stays in place. With the attachable leash (included), you can hang these plugs around your neck in between uses. They are always right at hand. And thanks to small magnets that keep the ear plugs snapped together in front of you while they hang, dBud stays secure.

Memory foam ear tips conform to your ear canals for a great seal against noise, and they are very comfortable to wear. 3 tip sizes are included so you can get the right fit for your one-of-a-kind ears.

dBud does not require batteries, and it doesn't need to be charged between uses. dBud is always ready to perform, hassle-free.

Anyone who enjoys live music will appreciate dBud, providing the ability to hear naturally, while helping prevent ringing ears after the show. Consider dBud not only for music and concerts, but also for a variety of work situations: in the open position, dBud will help block out excessive noise and turn down the background volume, while allowing you to hear and have conversations freely. dBud helps improve focus while you work. And the closed position is perfect for shop work, machinery, and power tools.

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