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Crescendo Shooting Multimode Impulse Ear Plugs (NRR 9/19)

Crescendo Shooting Multimode Ear Plugs (NRR 9/19)

Crescendo Shooting Multimode Ear Plugs (NRR 9/19)Crescendo Shooting Multimode Ear Plugs (NRR 9/19)
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Developed for military use and used by NATO soldiers, Crescendo Shooting Multimode Impulse ear plugs provide you with two different ways to handle hazardous gunshot noise. The primary "mode" for these ear plugs provides low sound attenuation, allowing safe sounds such as voices and ambient noise to pass through, even helping you maintain directional hearing. Then, when a loud impact noise occurs, these ANSI IPL certified filters block the impulse gunshot sound, handling up to 166dB of noise and providing 33dB of attenuation. Alternatively, the second, "total block mode" can be switched on, converting these into full-block, traditional ear plugs with excellent solid protection from all loud noise.

Switch freely between impulse protection or full block traditional protection.

A simple switch on top of each filter lets you switch between these two modes on the fly, so you can move from a crowded indoor shooting range to the field and back without changing your ear plugs. Crescendo Shooting ear plugs can handle everything from single gun shots to automatic fire, artillery fire, and explosions. Whether you're in combat or just out hunting, Crescendo Shooting ear plugs are ready to defend your ears.

Crescendo Shooting Multimode Ear Plugs come with two sizes (two pairs total) of Dynamic Ear Company's Pro triple-flanged musician ear tips, and one set (one pair) of Crescendo Acoustic Multimode Impulse Protection filters. The filters may easily be moved from one set of tips to the other, so you can be sure to get the snug and comfortable fit you need. Crescendo ear tips are unique, with a smaller size and lower-profile fit than you can get from most other musician's ear plugs. The tips are 100% organic and feature a Coyote Beige color. For extra convenience, Crescendo musician's ear plugs come with a free aluminum carry case with sturdy key chain.

Crescendo Shooting Ear Plug Attenuation

Crescendo Shooting Multimode Ear Plugs (NRR 9/19)
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