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Crescendo Industry 25 Natural Sound Ear Plugs

Crescendo Industry 25 Natural Sound Ear Plugs

Crescendo Industry 25 Natural Sound Ear PlugsCrescendo Industry 25 Natural Sound Ear Plugs
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Crescendo Industry 25 Natural Sound Reusable Ear Plugs provide hearing protection for industry workers who need situational awareness on the job in high noise environments. With Crescendo Industry Natural Sound Ear Plugs, you can get the hearing protection you need and still clearly hear what's going on around you -- such as voices, warning noises, and other important sounds. Ideal for use in very loud industrial settings.

One of the main problems with hearing protection on the factory floor or at the job site is that workers must often take their ear plugs out or remove their ear muffs in order to talk to one another. This leads to spotty protection from dangerous noises! Even worse, some workers forget to put their hearing protection back in after conversations -- or they simply choose not to wear it because it seems like "more trouble than it is worth." This is not only a compliance issue, but also a serious hearing health hazard, too.

Crescendo Industry 25 ear plugs solve this problem. Workers do not need to remove these natural sound ear plugs in order to have conversations. Too, natural sound hearing protection increases all-around safety by ensuring that everyone can remain aware of their surroundings (situational awareness) at all times, without that "muffled feeling" you can get from wearing foam ear plugs. Crescendo Industry 25 ear plugs even feature filters that allow air passage to the ears, which minimizes the occlusion effect (especially in the lower frequencies) for free and clear hearing and added comfort.

Crescendo Industry ear plugs are specifically tailored to suit industry workers by combining benefits from both natural sound hearing and heavy-duty protection from noise. These natural sound ear plugs are not flat response ear plugs -- they're designed for industry workers, not musicians. For example, these ear plugs block a little more noise in the 2kHz frequency range, the area where human hearing is most sensitive and where loud sounds can most quickly become detrimental. This extra sound damping helps to filter and balance the noises around you for more natural hearing, specifically in industrial settings. Another great feature of these industrial ear plugs is that they are very effective in the high-to-extreme frequency range, which means Crescendo Industry offers excellent protection from the sort of hazardous, high-frequency noises that come from high-powered drills, ultrasonic welders, etc. When you need to be able to hear what's going on around you in a dangerous industrial setting, and you also need significant hearing protection, Crescendo Industry is a perfect fit.

Crescendo Industry 25 ear plugs are excellent for miners, quarry workers, construction workers, machinists, and aircraft crew. And Crescendo Industry isn't just for the workplace -- they're also great for motorcyclists, motorsports events, sports stadiums, and other loud events and venues where the noise levels are often very dangerous.

Crescendo Industry 25 Natural Sound Reusable Ear Plugs package includes:

  • 1 pair of medium size triple-flange plug tips
  • 1 pair of large size triple-flange plug tips
  • 1 pair of natural sound filters (fits either pair of plug tips; interchangeable)
  • 1 sturdy and stylish key ring carry case

For slightly less sound blocking and the same great natural sound hearing features, check out the Crescendo Industry 20.

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