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Crescendo Ear Balm Custom Earmold Lubricant

Crescendo Ear Balm Custom Earmold Lubricant

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Crescendo Ear Balm Custom Earmold Lubricant is the perfect ear care accessory for custom ear plugs and ear molds as well as earpieces and reusable ear plugs of all kinds.

Ear Balm improves comfort. Crescendo Ear Balm is a smooth gel balm that helps to soothe the ears and reduce friction (or "rubbing") while inserting and wearing ear plugs, which is especially helpful when hearing protection must be worn for long periods of time. Ear Balm also helps those who are new to hearing protection in general become more easily accustomed to wearing their ear plugs. With soothing aloe and other natural ingredients, Ear Balm significantly enhances the comfort of inserting, wearing, and removing custom and reusable ear plugs.

Crescendo Ear Balm can also help improve fit. The gel balm aids in forming that critical acoustic seal against noise, helping to ensure you get the most out of your hearing protection ear plugs.

Contains one convenient pocket-size 7ml tube of Ear Balm.

Allergy Warning: Product contains Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil.

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