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Crescendo Pro Series Fcking Loud Musicians Ear Plugs (NRR 16)

Crescendo Pro Series Fcking Loud Musicians Ear Plugs (NRR 16)

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Crescendo Pro Series Fcking Loud Musicians Ear Plugs provide a smarter approach to musician's hearing protection. Each model of Crescendo ear plugs are specially designed and tweaked for a specific type of music. Crescendo Fcking Loud Ear Plugs provide the most noise reduction in the Crescendo line, with NRR 16 protection. These ear plugs are attenuated and tuned to be ideal for drummers, as well as for all very loud venues and clubs and for music that emphasizes drums and/or heavy bass lines. These heavy-attenuation ear plugs are excellent for those who need to hear clearly in high-volume settings. For serious concert-goers, Crescendo Pro Series Fcking Loud Ear Plugs are ideal for heavy metal and rock concerts, amplified music with heavy bass, and music festivals.

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Crescendo Fcking Loud is perfect for...

  • Drummers
  • DJ's
  • Clubbers
  • Heavy Metal Musicians & Fans
  • General Drum and Bass

Not just for musicians! Crescendo Fcking Loud is also great for...

  • Aircraft Crew - fights wind and engine noise
  • Sports Events - takes the edge off the PA and roaring crowd
  • NASCAR, motorsports, and race fans

Like all musicians ear plugs, Crescendo Fcking Loud provides a relatively flat attenuation response, so all frequencies of sound are reduced by approximately the same volume. This greatly diminishes distortion and helps to maintain good natural sound quality, while still protecting your ears from the noise-induced hearing loss that can slowly but permanently erode your hearing over time. Crescendo lets you take control, reduce noise fatigue, and protect your ears without sacrificing the sound quality you crave. And Crescendo is unique in that each model is specifically balanced for a particular type of music, so there's no guesswork in deciding which filters (and which Crescendo ear plugs) are best for you. This is no-compromise hearing protection for serious musicians and music lovers.

Crescendo Fcking Loud Music Ear Plugs come with two sizes (two pairs total) of Dynamic Ear Company's Pro triple-flanged musician ear tips, and one set (one pair) of Crescendo Fcking Loud filters. The filters may easily be moved from one set of tips to the other, so you can be sure to get the snug and comfortable fit you need. Crescendo ear tips are unique, with a smaller size and lower-profile fit than you can get from most other musician's ear plugs. The tips are also a unique black color, for a subtle and classy look. And for extra convenience, Crescendo musician's ear plugs come with a free stylish carry case with sturdy key chain.

Tip: Crescendo Fcking Loud ear plugs are upgradable to a custom fit! That means you can try out Crescendo musicians filters with the standard ear tips, and if it's love at first sound, you can upgrade your Crescendos by converting from the standard tips to professional lab custom-molded ear pieces. Custom-molded Crescendo ear plugs are the musician's ultimate solution for personally tailored fit, sound quality, and smart hearing protection.

MFG# PR-1789

Item No: cdedrummerpk0000-000