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Alpine Pluggies Premium Small Sized Ear Plugs for Surfing, Swimming, Flying, Concentration and Noise Protection

Alpine Pluggies Premium Small Sized Ear Plugs

Alpine Pluggies Premium Small Sized Ear PlugsAlpine Pluggies Premium Small Sized Ear PlugsAlpine Pluggies Premium Small Sized Ear Plugs
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Alpine Pluggies Small Sized ear plugs are made especially to fit young children comfortably, from about age 3 up to adults with small ear canals. Pluggies feature thermo reactive hypo-allergenic silicone for a comfortable and effective seal in the ear. Pluggies also have an acoustic filter that lets the user clearly hear all that is going on around them, but with just enough attenuation to take the sharp edge off noises in the environment (SNR 19). This feature makes Pluggies ideal for those with hyper sensitivity to noise and can greatly enhance concentration in school or while studying at home for almost all children. Here is a short video showing the box contents and how to use the product:

Pluggies are a terrific solution for water babies of any age, when you need a water protection ear plug for swimming, bathing or showering and your ears are smaller than average. The acoustic filters in Pluggies let you or your child hear clearly when swimming or at play in the water, for improved safety and an elimination to the "plugged up" feeling common with ordinary swimming ear plugs.

Pluggies are great for flying too! The acoustic filter has a tiny hole in it that allows controlled ventilation of the outer ear thereby giving the inner ear time to equalize during ascent and descent of the plane, greatly reducing the likelihood of ear pain from the rapid pressure changes. The noise attenuation also reduces the impact of the extreme background noise in the plane and helps your child better understand you when you speak to them in the presence of the noise of the plane, providing a greater sense of security and a more relaxed child at the end of the flight.

Like all Alpine Hearing Protection products, Pluggies are imported from Europe so they are more expensive than ordinary ear plugs, but the very high quality and the tremendous range of uses of this product makes them worth the extra cost.

Alpine Pluggies Features and Benefits:
  • Dual flange soft thermo-reactive silicone construction for a great fit and maximum comfort
  • Acoustic filters in each ear plug prevent water entering but let you hear everything around you for maximum safety (SNR 19)
  • The acoustic filters contain a tiny vent, making Pluggies an ideal flying ear plug for children and those with small ear canals. The vent slows the pressure change in the outer ear to give the inner ear more time to equalize during rapid pressure changes reducing the incidence of ear pressure and pain
  • Small size fits children from about 3 as well as adults with small ear canals
  • Each pair comes in a durable storage case with instructions for care and use

Alpine Pluggies Premium Small Sized Ear Plugs
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