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3M™ Sound Detector Sound Level Meter SD-200

3M Sound Detector Sound Level Meter SD-200

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How noisy is your workplace? How much hearing protection do your workers need? Find out how loud your shop, factory, or office really is with the 3M Sound Detector! This hand-held sound meter is compact and lightweight, making it easier than ever to measure workplace noise levels. An additional feature also computes the average sound pressure level, for more comprehensive information on overall your workplace noise hazards.

Get the gist in just a glimpse: a user selectable LED Alert screen tags the noise as it comes in, providing a visual color scale for hazardous noise: green for safe, and yellow and/or red for dangerous noise levels. For quick sound level checks, the 3M Sound Level Meter is ideal. A simple-to-use, user-friendly interface allows you to easily control the 3M noise meter via a set of versatile dual-function buttons.

The 3M Noise Level Meter is Recommended For:
  • Construction
  • Metal Processing
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Military & Police
  • Factories and Industry
  • Small Businesses
  • Home Workshops & Garages
Employs a rechargeable lithium polymer battery (included) for wireless usage. Offers up to 50 hours of battery life between charges.

Product Part #: SD-200
3M ID: 70071565520

3M Sound Detector Sound Level Meter SD-200
Item No: a3msd200snddetea-000