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MT16H044FB-47 CY 3M Peltor ComTac IV Hybrid Single Comm Two-Way Radio Headset

MT16H044FB-47 CY 3M Peltor ComTac IV Hybrid Single Comm Two-Way Radio Headset

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Note: This item is built to order and is not returnable other than for defects which are covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty.

This Item MFG P/N: MT16H044FB-47
Description: CY 3M Peltor ComTac IV Hybrid Single Comm Two-Way Radio Headset
Separate PTT Adapter Required? Yes. A NATO Wired PTT Adapter Cable is Required to connect this ComTac IV headset to your radio. See our 3M Peltor PTT Adapter Reference Table to identify the model PTT adapter you will need. with the following radios: Works with most radios. PTT adapter is required and sold separately.
Style options available when ordering: Folding Headband Model only
Color options available when ordering: Coyote Brown

3M COMTAC IV Overview...

3M Peltor Comtac IV two-way radio headset is the fourth generation of Comtac headsets to be produced by Peltor specifically for use in tactical and combat situations where durability in harsh conditions, compatibility with standard police and military gear, and reliable function are all basic requirements.

The Comtac IV ear cup has been replaced with a hybrid system that employs an ear plug style earpiece and a U-shaped frame in place of standard ear cups. The frame holds batteries, amplifier circuitry, provides a mount for the flexi-boom mic, and a connection point for the downlead and jack for the earpiece to plug into. The headband comfortably fits users wearing a variety of tactical helmets used by military and law enforcement professionals, including the Advanced Combat (ACH) and MICH Helmets. Ambidexterous boom mic placement, better salt water resistance, immunity to EMI events and improved RX/TX fail safe features, all combine to make Comtac IV the best two way radio headset available for the modern warefighter or tactical police operative.

Comtac IV has a fixed connecting wire with a TP-120 NEXUS plug that fits into the mating jack on your choice of PTT radio adapter cables. The PTT adapter cable then attaches to your portable radio or intercom system. A wide variety of PTT radio adapters are available to enable use of Comtac IV with most two way radios currently in use.

In addition to providing two-way radio connectivity, Comtac IV includes two external microphones that pick up ambient sounds and amplify these up to 18 dB, providing the user with hearing that is considerably more acute while wearing Comtac IV than he would have with an open ear. In the event of a nearby weapon discharge, the Comtac IV amplifier instantly shuts down, providing the user with hearing protection from the noise event, automatically. As soon as the ambient noise returns to a safe level, the headset automatically resumes amplifying low sounds, providing unparalleled situational awareness while automatically providing reliable hearing protection every time it is called for.

Comtac IV headsets are available in single and dual comm models. Single comm models are used with one radio and dual comm models can be connected to two separate radios at the same time using either a dual comm PTT with a button for each radio on opposite sides of the PTT module or using two separate single comm PTT adapters, one for each radio.

Comtac IV headsets are available only in a folding headband style that can be worn alone or with an ACH or MICH helmet.

Comtac IV headsets can be purchased alone or in kits. The headsets alone, have part numbers beginning with "MT16H044F" and are shipped without any accessories. If you buy the headset alone, you will need to also buy the appropriate PTT adapter cable to fit your radio. Kits have part numbers beginning with "884" and include one headset, one or two (depending on the Comtac IV model) PTT connecting cable(s) chosen to fit the most common combat radios, a set of gel ear pads, a draw string pouch and batteries.

3M Peltor Comtac IV two-way radio headset features and benefits:

  • Nicely padded U-shaped frame presses gently against the head to provide a stable platform for attachment of boom mic, ear plug style earpieces, surround sound microphones and radio connection lead(s) as well as a secure housing for electronics, and batteries.
  • Padded headband is fully adjustable to fit most adults.
  • NRR 18 noise protection via ear plug style earpieces when using the ultra-fit tips and NRR 30 when using Classic foam tips (XH001662291 or PELTIP2-01).
  • Two-way radio connectivity with most radios via PTT adapter cables. By changing just the PTT cable, the same headset can be used with different radios.
  • Frame-mounted microphones monitor ambient noise levels, amplifying low sounds and suppressing dangerously loud sounds for optimum situational awareness and automatic hearing protection.
  • Two microphones provide stereo "talk-thru" sound letting the wearer perceive both intensity and direction of ambient sounds such as voices and vehicle noise.
  • Radio traffic delivered to the ear is not dependent on battery power in the headset, so even if you drain the batteries, comm traffic will still be available.
  • Headset is shaped to comfortably fit ACH and MICH helmets.
  • Voice boom mic (MT33-05) is noise-canceling allowing use in high noise environments, and can be mounted on either side to serve both right and left handed shooters. The boom is flexible for exact placement.
  • Rain and salt water resistant for all weather reliability.
  • Meets environmental standard MIL-STD-810F.
  • Meets EMI immunity standard MIL-STD-461F.
  • Powered by two AAA batteries. Approximately 250 hours of battery life in service.

Item No: e3m16h044fb47cy0-000