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3M Peltor H9A-02 Food Industry Earmuff (NRR 26) (Case of 10)

3M Peltor H9A-02 Food Industry Earmuff (NRR 26) (Case of 10)

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3M Peltor H9A-02 Food Industry Hygienic Earmuffs3M/Peltor H9A-02: Hygienic Hearing Protection for the Food Industry

The 3M H9A-02 Food Industry Earmuff delivers hearing protection specifically designed to cater to the challenging hygiene demands of the food and beverage industry. 3M answers the stringent requirements for hygiene with a unique design that minimizes condensation and particulate build-up, with parts that can be easily washed and/or replaced. NRR 26 hearing protection provides good noise blocking, preventing hearing damage and noise-induced hearing loss for workers. The 3M Peltor H9A-02 is innovative, effective, and crafted intelligently for the food industry.

Smooth Headband Reduces Particles & Moisture

Particulate build-up in folds and creases can produce bacterial growth. The 3M H9A-02 Food Industry Earmuff has a specially-engineered smooth headband that minimizes opportunities for particulate to accumulate. The headband material is also moisture-resistant and easy to clean.

Comfortable Fit with Two-Point Suspension

The H9A-02 features a low-profile design with compact, contoured ear cups. The ear defenders are light enough to wear for long shifts without fatiguing the wearer. Two-point suspension keeps each earcup balanced and secure, with consistent clamping force for effectiveness and comfort.

Washable and Replaceable Components

The cushions, ear cups, and headband of these earmuffs are all washable, allowing for superior hygiene maintenance throughout the lifetime of the protective equipment. Additionally, the cushions and inserts are made of condensation-minimizing polymer, and replaceable via the 3M HY55 hygiene kit (sold separately).

Prevent Worker Hearing Damage

The food and beverage industry is one of the top most hazardous in terms of the threat presented to workers' hearing. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the primary consequence, a permanent hearing loss which can dearly cost both workers and employers alike. This is entirely preventable with hearing protectors like the H9A-02.

Includes one case of ten earmuffs.

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