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3M Noise Indicator NI-100

3M Noise Indicator NI-100

This item has been discontinued. Don't panic! Find a great replacement in our Noise Measurement Tools department.

3M Noise Indicator NI-100 automatically alerts a user when hearing protection is needed. The NI-100 is a tiny little noise detector (about 1.5" x 2") that clips to clothing and works in real-time to alert the user to unsafe noise levels with a bright red flashing LED light that signals when hearing protection should be used. The NI-100 is designed for employee training and facility noise level mapping.

How Should the 3M Noise Indicator NI-100 be Used?

Many workers prefer to not wear hearing protection when it is not absolutely necessary. While management and safety officers would love to accommodate the wishes of the workers, the company has a responsibility to enforce wearing of hearing protection where needed. Until now, management had two choices: enforce the use of hearing protection at all times by all workers who encounter dangerous noise any place they go, or don't.

Of course different areas of the workplace present different levels of hearing risk, but before the NI-100, there was no way to effectively monitor the use of hearing protection just in the areas/times where it is needed. The safety officer could see if the ear plugs were in place or not, but there was no way to tell if the employee needed the protection at their location, without the impossible task of taking a noise meter to the location and checking in each instance.

With the NI-100, now the employee can instantly be notified by a bright blinking red LED light on the NI-100 any time the noise level rises above 85 dB, and the safety officer can see at a distance if the employee is being subjected to potentially dangerous noise levels, so corrective action can be taken exactly when and where needed.

As the employee uses the NI-100, she will quickly learn the areas in the facility where hearing protection is needed, as well as learning to tell when a sound may be at a dangerous level. Once an employee gains the knowledge and skill needed to exercise good judgment about when and where hearing protection is needed, the NI-100 can be transferred to another employee. As a training device, the NI-100 provides a constant monitoring of the ambient noise level, and by simply wearing the device and noticing the simple green (safe) and red (unsafe) indicators, employees can rapidly be trained in the appropriate use of their hearing protectors. Once employees are properly trained, management can spend less time and resources monitoring their use of hearing protection devices.

Safety officers can also use the NI-100 to quickly map out the boundaries of a soundscape in rough terms by simply walking the factory floor and noting the locations where the lights change on the NI-100.

Do you know if and where your facility has a noise problem? If you are not sure, the 3M Noise Indicator NI-100 can help you find out, quickly and inexpensively.

3M Noise Indicator NI-100 Features:

  • Convenient Small Size (1.5" x 2" x .5")
  • Shirt Clip Attachment Works on Any Garment
  • Simple Push-Button On-Off Operation
  • Automatic Safe/Unsafe Indicator Lights
  • Rechargeable Battery (included)
  • 200 Hour Operation Between Charges
  • Rechargeable via USB Cable (Sold Separately. P/N: NI-CHG)

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