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3M Artillery Earmuff 4240-00-NSH-0023 (H6B GN) Neckband Style (NRR 19)

3M Artillery Earmuff 4240-00-NSH-0023 (H6B GN) Neckband Style (NRR 19)

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3M Product Number88076-00000
3M Peltor Artillery Earmuffs H6B GN Features:
  • Designed with Input from the U.S. Army
  • Low profile design fits well underneath most tactical helmets
  • Compatible with Advanced Communication Headsets (ACH)
  • Rugged construction stands up to battlefield conditions
  • Created for artillery units and tactical specialists
  • Neckband (behind-the-neck) design
  • NRR 19
3M Artillery Earmuffs H6B are neckband (aka behind-the-neck) style earmuffs with no rigid headband. The greatest advantage of these neckband style Artillery Earmuffs is the ability to quickly put on and take off the earmuffs any time, without the need to remove a helmet. This earmuff is fully compatible with most current protective combat helmets used by the U.S. military, including ACH. These are extremely low profile, light-weight ear muffs designed for military, police, and tactical specialists in general. Neckband style earmuffs offer moderate NRR 19 hearing protection.

Combined with a pair of earplugs, Artillery Earmuffs assist in complying with dual hearing protection requirements. Up to 5dB of additional noise protection can be achieved by wearing ear plugs under these earmuffs.

Item No: mnd370h6bmilneck-000