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Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™

Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™

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Get Relief from Snoring - No Pills or Chemicals, Just 100% Safe, Immediate Relief. Sleep Better Now.

To help you find the very best ear plugs to help you sleep with a snoring bed partner or other noises that bother you in the night, we have created our unique Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™, with a wide range of ear plugs including regular foam ear plugs, reusable ear plugs, moldable silicone ear plugs and wax and cotton ear plugs. We have also included the most novel sleeping ear plugs seen in years, Ear Muffers. Ear Muffers use a combination of adhesive and foam to close and hold the tragus over the ear canal opening, just as you would do when you "put your fingers in your ears" to avoid hearing something loud. To complete this excellent assortment, we have included a premium Mack's Shut-Eye Shade. It is well known that nearly all people sleep more deeply and more soundly when in a darkened room. Add a sleep mask and you will be less likely to be awakened by noises in the night.

This assortment of ear plugs includes enough variety to help you decide which kind; foam, adhesive foam, moldable silicone, moldable wax, or reusable ear plugs, will work best to help you solve your sleeping issues. Once you use the kit to find your favorites, we offer all these products in economical packages for convenient reordering.

Brand Product NRR
Mack's Mack's Shut-Eye Shade Sleep Mask (in Plain Packaging) n/a
Ear Muffers EarMuffers™ Patented No-Roll Adhesive Foam Ear Plugs (With Instructions) 33
3M E-A-R Earsoft FX UF Foam Ear Plugs 33
Howard Leight MAX USA UF Foam Ear Plugs 33
Moldex SparkPlugs UF Foam Ear Plugs 33
Howard Leight LaserLite UF Foam Ear Plugs 32
Howard Leight MultiMax UF Foam Reversible Ear Plugs 31
Howard Leight MaxLite UF Foam Ear Plugs 30
Howard Leight Max Small UF Foam Ear Plugs 30
Moldex Meteors Small UF Foam Ear Plugs 28
Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone White Moldable Earplugs (Pack of 2 Pairs) 22
Quies Boules Moldable Wax and Cotton Ear Plugs (Tube of 2 Pairs) 27 (SNR)
Howard Leight Quiet Reusable Foam Ear Plugs (One Pair Each, Small, Medium, and Large) 26

In addition to using our Snoring Relief Kit to evaluate sleeping with noise solutions, we highly recommend the kit for corporate retreats, hospitality packs for spa, hotel and airline guests, convention attendees, and for other gatherings in which guests must spend the night.

If you have special needs for your event, let us know and we will be happy to consult with you to develop just the kind of assortment pack you need.

Note: Assortment/Trial packs are not eligible for return or refund.

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Product Reviews for Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™

Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™5Don DNovember 4, 2019A great way to try a bunch of different types of ear plugs.
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™5Gloria.May 29, 2018Love them. Would recommend them anyone with a partner who snores
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™4REBECCA G CHASEMarch 6, 2018This was a really good place to start because it gave me the opportunity to try a whole range of ear plugs. I found that the cotton & wax plugs were the only ones that really helped block sound without being uncomfortable, and I might not have tried them as an independant purchase. I don't know if other people would find that more of the samples were helpful.
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™2PatJanuary 22, 2015They did not work better than my old ear plugs
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™2JillianSeptember 30, 2014I got these for my partner who won't use them, she likes her swimming earplugs a lot better. They look great in the pack, but I can't make them work either; not a fan.
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™5DawnMay 27, 2014The earplugs at Lowes didn't work to block out my SO's snoring. They slowly slid out of my ears as they expanded. So I got this variety pack to see if I could find a pair that work for my ears. I found a few pairs!! I guess my ears are long and narrow, because the pairs that work go in deeper and are tapered more than the other pairs. The tables have now turned...rather than spending more night in the guest room, I can now sleep in our bed together more nights! Thanks for the variety pack!!
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™5Marie PhillipsJanuary 22, 2014so far so good.... I havent tried them all but since I learned how to actually put them in properly, it changes everything!!!! I'm very pleased and have slept soundly since I received them!!! Thanks! :-)
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™5MichelleApril 6, 2013I haven't been getting good sleep for awhile now due to my husband & dog snoring! I decided to try your relief kit because I didn't know where else to start. I really like this kit because it has everything in it for beginners! I am gradually trying each one to see why I like or don't like each type of plug. I am keeping a log to refer back to as there are several different types to try. I am finally able to sleep through the night. Thank you so much for that!
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™5DomJanuary 11, 2013I snore, she couldn't sleep. I bought a box of 33dB NR from Home Depot but it wasn't verry successfull. So I bought this kit and she found the perfect ear plugs very quickly (Howard Leigh Max). Having found the right plug, I gave half the kit to my mom (one model of each) and she too found the right ear plugs (the white wax one). I suggested the kit to my sister-in-law and she's pleased too! Thanks for making this kit !
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™5EmmaOctober 2, 2012I've been at my wit's end with my husband's snoring and have not been able to find comfortable earplugs that also worked well at local stores so I thought this was a neat idea to be able to try a bunch without having to buy whole packages and wasting them. I haven't found a perfect solution yet, but the 3M E-A-Rsoft plugs work the best so far.
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™5CathyAugust 27, 2012I think this was great to be able to find the right fit. Unfortunately my ears are small and sensitive so many of the plugs that go into the ear were uncomfortable. The wax ones work OK but not enough noise relief. I may end up getting the custom ear plugs next and that is what I am currently considering but the only draw back is the price, but they do last 2-5 years it says.
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™4tom chenJune 20, 2012I found one that works for me! the silicone one! thx!
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™4JasonJanuary 23, 2012I live downtown Toronto and nights can be noisy. I also suffer from noise sensitivity and have a really hard time sleeping. I've been using various ear plugs for years and never found anything that worked just right. The ones that would block the noise would leave my ear canals hurting in the morning and the ones that didn't hurt my ears wouldn't block out all the noise. I decided to try this kit to see if I could find a better ear plug. I've had the kit for 2 months and have tried each pair for multiple nights. I found the three pairs rated at NRR 33 worked best for noise. However, of the three, I would say the E-A-Rsoft FX work the best for noise AND comfort. I could wear these ones every night and my ears would not be sore in the morning. A close second would be the Moldex Spark Plugs (Nascar) earplugs but after multiple nights of wearing my ear canals were sore. I highly suggest trying out this starter kit if you have problems sleeping or sensitive ear canals. However, I did find that anything rated under NRR 30 was a complete waste. I would also recommend skipping this kit completely and going straight with the E-A-Rsoft FX earplugs immediately. I just received my re-order of a box of 200 pairs and I can't thank enough for all the peaceful sleepy nights!
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™4DeeOctober 11, 2011The foam plugs in this pack did not work for my ears. The MACK silicone ear plug in the kit worked in the beginning. They did not fall out and blocked the noise from the traffic on our street. However, a high frequency sound infiltrated the plugs after wearing them for about 5 minutes. It was almost like having Tinnitus all of the sudden. I removed the plugs immediatly and the sound was gone. I did not use them again but reverted back to my natural wax plugs by Ohropax from Germany. They are not the most comfortable but seem to be the only ones that hold in my ears and keep my partner's snoring out.
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™4SueSeptember 15, 2011These were great to help get a good night's sleep with a snorer in the same bed. Saved the relationship ;-)
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™4JoelApril 10, 2011I just started with the "NASCAR" plugs. Didn't hear one snorfle from the other side of the bed! Curious how the others in the kit will quiet the noise.
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™5LizApril 6, 2011It has been nice to try several different ear plugs, some haven't worked well for me but others have been awesome!
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™5LanceDecember 17, 2010Great way to try many different earplugs to see which ones you prefer for your application at a reduced price. Has one for almost any application you could think of.
Got Ears?® Snoring Relief Kit™3CathyNovember 21, 2010great starter kit to try for size and NRR rating. great for use around the house doing yard work, etc. but I cannot wear while sleeping, hurts to sleep on your side with them. will muffle the snoring though if you stay on your back. NRR rating is too low for me-32, the snoring i'm dealing with is very loud.

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