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Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)

Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)
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Wax ear plugs from Quies in France, are one of the oldest and most environmentally sensitive options in the world of hearing protection. Wax, with a bit of natural cotton fiber to help it hold together and block more noise, is an ideal material for use when sleeping. The wax softens very nicely when raised to body temperature by placement in the ear, letting you lie directly on the ear containing the earplug. After just a few minutes you will hardly feel the softened wax ear plugs in your ear.

Imported directly from France by Ear Plug Superstore, Quies Boules Classic wax ear plugs are made of simple biodegradable, hypoallergenic waxes and natural cotton fibers for maximum comfort during sleep, or for daily wear.

Though not rated for NRR, Quies Boules wax ear plugs offer an estimated 27 NRR equivalent (based on internal company testing), making these an ideal earplug for sleeping, as well as for daily wear for those who need help concentrating in a noisy office, for those who need protection from loud noises, and for those who suffer from hypersensitivity to ordinary noise.

Product Reviews for Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)

Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5PierreJanuary 22, 2015Simply the best product on the market, once they are warm they soften and fit exactly your canal, blow in your nose while pinching your nostrils to put your ears under pressure, push the Quies inside release the pressure and your are in world of silence....amazing
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Pat EvansDecember 28, 2014I love this earplugs because they are comfortable to wear and block out all unwanted noise. My husband snores loudly and Quies has saved our marriage! is so easy to deal with. I purchase 12 boxes at a time and they arrive at my doorstop 2-3 days later. Thank you!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5pamela gene daleyDecember 16, 2014These are the only ear plugs I can use! They are soft and mold to your ear but don't get stuck or break off like a certain horrid blue one did (not sold here thank goodness). I love them.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Margaret Read-WeissDecember 16, 2014I have used these for years.They conform beautifully and comfortably to your own ear. Just warm them in your hand, shape a bit and use. WONDERFUL product!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5murielSeptember 6, 2014They are the best and most comfortable ear plugs. Warm them up in your hands, mould them to shape in your ears et voila. Complete silence. I used them for years in France but was unable to find them in Australia, Shipping cost was actually cheaper than having them sent from France.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5John GAugust 3, 2014Because of the lovely melty but not too melty way these things work, all those pesky dog woofs and wife snoring that can disturb your sleep will slide into the pool of distant bad dreams. Then you can wake with a sunny disposition and be ready to be the awesome husband she was sure she was marrying all those years ago!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5SimonMay 27, 2014I tried them once, and really liked them. They are very comfortable, and fit well.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5JillApril 2, 2014I have very small ear canals and find most ear plugs painful and I am unable to insert them fully. These wax ear plugs are extremely comfortable and conform to your ear canal without any pain or discomfort, although I split them in half, as half a ball is sufficient for each ear in my case. For me they are a life-saver in a very noisy house in the late evenings.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5laFebruary 12, 2014nothing compares to quies. best prices and quick delivery!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5KathyJanuary 11, 2014These are the only ear plugs I've used for two decades. Love 'em.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5AnnetteJanuary 1, 2014These have to be the best ones I have ever used. They are soft and don't fall out of my ear if I roll over in bed at night. They also last for several nights before I have to replace them. They block out noises so well. We were traveling and I used them and did not hear anything from the hall or the stairs we were near. We were also near the elevator and never heard it at night. THANK YOU
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Tami McCartyDecember 29, 2013I think I have tried everything out there, I swear! These have saved my life and finally allowed me to get some sleep. My dear, sweet husband snores like a grizzly bear. I tried every type of earplug available, and finally found these which are the only ones that work for me. All the others, (foam, etc) cause irritations and even ulcers in my ears, or they won't stay in at all. I do have one simple exception, and that is that I use "Ear Stopples" first, and kind of squish them around in my ear before inserting the Quies ones. They kind of "condition" the ear canal in some way, and when I do this first, the Quies fits and inserts easily, seals and stay in just fine. Don't know why this works, but it has completely solved all my problems with earplugs, so thought I would pass this on in case someone else has the same problem. Love them, and can't live without them!!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Robert SigmundNovember 5, 2013My wife could not survive without her boules Quies. She's a light sleeper and is disturbed by my snoring and airplanes flying over the house (at all hours!). With her earplugs she can get the rest she needs to do her job of social worker with patience and energy.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5FerenzAugust 22, 2013Those are the BEST ear plugs from any other ear plugs that i have tried. most natural, best isolation against external noise. ~ Very Important ~ wash your hands before taking them, (No germs) and shaping them with clean hands that they will block your ears.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5LauraJuly 18, 2013I have been using these for years and they work great. You break out a new pair when they get dirty. They really mold to your ear and keep sounds out. This is the best price anywhere. I can't see getting these from anyone else. Thanks for carrying these!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5msxcskiApril 29, 2013I've used these earplugs for decades and just started ordering them from when the business I used to order them from stopped carrying them. I use them every night to sleep and in the daytime when the environment is too noisy. They work well at reducing sound levels and are the least irritating of any of the many earplugs I've tried.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Louis LodygaApril 15, 2013These are the best, that's why i have been using them for years! I can't sleep without them.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5reviewerMarch 27, 2013I've tried every other ear plug and this one is the only one that works. I've used these earplugs for over 10 years. They are the best.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5James HaahrFebruary 27, 2013I and my family like them so much. Enough said.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5LeeNovember 1, 2012These are the best of the wax earplugs of the samples that I've tried. I don't like wax earplugs and prefer the soft foam ones, but if you like wax these seemed to have the best material and quality. My favorite ones are still the soft Ohropax and E-A-Rsoft SuperFit. I have small ear canals and am a side sleeper.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5NancyOctober 8, 2012I am a travel agent, and a cruise enthusiast. I always carry a pack of Quies Boules earplugs with me when I am traveling. I have tried many different types of earplugs, but the Quies Boules earplugs are by far the most comfortable. Make sure you read the directions on how to use them. ENJOY!!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5M. ForemanAugust 30, 2012My family has been using these reliable earplugs for years, living on a noisy street and apartment building--next to the front door elevator! The fact that they are made in France of natural bees wax proves that elemental ingredients crafted with pride create timeless products. Thank you Quies Boules!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Phyllis LimAugust 10, 2012Someone I met in passing in India took pity on me and gave me one pair of your earplugs to help me deal with the noise. When I needed more later back in the States I feared I wouldn't be able to find them, but with the help of Google I found them. They're the best!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5mikeJune 26, 2012I have been using Quies Boules for over 25 years. There is a reason. They are simply the best ear plugs one will ever use. I live in NYC. I have had issues with sleep and noise because I am an overnight shift worker. I sleep during the day. My bedroom faces a busy, noisy street. Quies Boules have been a life- and sanity-saver! I've been able to sleep through traffic jams, street repairs, noisy neighbors--you name it. Rarely have these ear plugs failed to block out the noise. I say rarely because I once had a neighbor who played their stereo at full blast (hip-hop beats heavy). The music is blocked but the vibrations from the bass beats rattling the walls cannot be blocked. No ear plug can do that. However, a complaint to the local precinct and a sledgehammer will resolve this quite well.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5kathy frenchJune 19, 2012These are the best ear plugs i have found and I'm just relieved I was able to find them. Apparently they're a product of France and I did not see myself going there any time soon for ear plugs! This company was great to deal with. I received my order within two days, no glitches! thank you.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Sally KendallMay 11, 2012Don't bother with any other earplugs! I have been using these for years, especially for travel...on airplanes, because of a snoring partner, etc. They cause no skin problems, are easy to insert and stay on your ears for as long as you need them to. High recommended product.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5I heard thatApril 28, 2012I have sound sensitivities, so I know alot about ear plugs. These work really well. I like them much better than foam ear plugs. They mold to the shape of your ear and really keep sound out!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Maggie PocockApril 25, 2012They are amazing...only ones to buy. I can't believe the difference to my sleeping, which before was horrendous. Thx so much to whoever invented them.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5ferenzApril 8, 2012they are the best ! they work incredible to protect from noise and water
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5laOctober 10, 2011The best ear plug on the market. Have tried them all for sleeping, this is the best. And this is the best price!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Laura MaloneAugust 8, 2011These earplugs really keep the noise out, and they stay in your ears. They're the only kind I use anymore.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5sky777August 1, 2011I got several different kinds of earplugs in hope to find some peace in my home at nite (noise from roommates and loud music) and I have to conclude that this kind Works the best ! it eliminated 80% of the noise and I would highly recommend it , I just got second shipment
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)2DavidJuly 11, 2011I was really looking forward to using this product. I've used the plain silicon plugs for years and was hoping these would be an improvement. Sorry to say it did not work out nearly as well as hoped. Went back to my original plugs after one night. Glad they work for others
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5RogerJuly 4, 2011Have been using these for years, and they're the best. Way cheaper to buy from than at a bricks-and-mortar merchant!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5AndreaJune 6, 2011The best of earplugs.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)3David NeilMay 10, 2011The most comfortable of the three different types I bought. They don't really go in the ear canal, so it a little unfair to compare to the other pair I got. They were moderately successful with blocking out sound. They came in second.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5AnikaApril 25, 2011Great product; comfortable, stays in place, and dampens sound. Excellent!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5AnikaApril 25, 2011I love these ear plugs. They are comfortable, stay in place, and do a good job of dampening sound. I wear them whenever I go to exercise classes because the ridiculously loud music does as much damage to hearing as the exercise does good for the heart. I also use them when using power tools and loud home appliances. Excellent product.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5ferenzApril 23, 2011simply the best from any ear plugs I've tried... incredible !!!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5MarilynApril 21, 2011Please add my 5 stars to your statistics. Wonderful product [our 3rd box!] and super service! Thank you!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Clementine.April 16, 2011They don't hurt my ears, they don't affect my hearing, they adapt to the shape of the ear, and they help me sleep much better without any problems. That's wonderful and better than any others I have tried and wasted money on.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5AdAMarch 11, 2011Simply the best. Don't waste time or money on any others. I tried many different kinds before using these ones for the first time in 1998. Have remained faithful ever since!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Gerri KMarch 7, 2011These are the most comfortble and sound proofing ear plugs I have ever used. I can now sleep in the same room with my husband and dog.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5JMJanuary 16, 2011Best earplugs out there. Very comfy and effective, and very reasonably priced at Earplug store.
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)4pamela daleyJanuary 2, 2011Though they are bit greasy at first they are very effective at drowning out snoring and i love them!
Quies Boules Wax Ear Plugs (Pack of 8 Pairs)5Hugh GrahamDecember 15, 2010Cannot imagine a better product. They are the most effective of any plugs I have tried. One can actually create a "seal" with them.

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