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GeniSys™ Senior™ BT Wireless Blue Tooth Neck Loop Custom Earphones

GeniSys™ Senior™ BT Wireless Blue Tooth Neck Loop Custom Earphones

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GeniSys™ Senior-BT™ High Fidelity Wireless BlueTooth Neck Loop Custom Earphones

GeniSys Senior-BT earphones are a great choice for those needing a wireless BlueTooth IEM earphone with custom molded earpieces. Senior-BT earphones deliver clear sound, plus good bass response. GeniSys Senior-BT earphones are ideal for audio connection to most smartphones and other devices equipped with BlueTooth wireless connectivity. With the inline microphone, Senior-BT earphones are ideal for taking and making phone calls. Senior-BT earphones can also be used for zoom meetings, gaming, and motorcycling, as well as private listening on public transportation, in the workplace, at Starbucks, or the home office where noisy interruptions are all too common.

Senior-BT earphones come complete with a USB charging cable and built-in quality Li-ion battery for 20-30 hours of use on a single charge.

GeniSys Senior-BT earphones feature a Full Range Balanced Armature driver for full, clear, rich sound. If you prefer a deeper, fuller, bass sound, we offer an upgrade to a Dual Balanced Armature driver which features two drivers in each earpiece: one for mid and high frequencies, and a second driver dedicated to bass response.

GeniSys Senior-BT earpieces are custom molded using a physical impression of your ears for a perfect, personal fit. Our earmold lab pros make an electronic scan of your physical ear impressions. The scans are then used in our advanced manufacturing process to produce perfectly fitting custom ear molds. Your scans are archived for up to ten years, letting you easily reorder any type of GeniSys custom ear plug or earphone mold without having to make new ear impressions.

We use a medium soft (40 shore) medical grade silicone material that provides ambient noise reduction enabling you to hear communications clearly even in noisy environments, and a comfortable, all-day, or all-night wearing experience.

GeniSys Senior-BT Features and Benefits:
  • Custom Ear Molds; Choice of many Colors and enhancements
  • Fit guaranteed; free remakes if needed up to 6 months
  • DIY or Audiologist made impressions accepted
  • Standard Single High Fidelity Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Upgrade to Dual Balanced Armature Drivers which add a deeper bass response
  • In-line mic for two-way communication
  • BlueTooth neck loop with rechargeable battery
  • Quality battery for 20-30 hour use on a single charge
  • USB charging cable included

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Item No: genisys-senior-custom-iem-earphones
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