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GeniSys™ GEN-Y Custom Earplugs With Acoustic Filters (One Pair)

GeniSys™ GEN-Y Custom Earplugs With Acoustic Filters (One Pair)

GeniSys™ GEN-Y Custom Earplugs With Acoustic Filters (One Pair)GeniSys™ GEN-Y Custom Earplugs With Acoustic Filters (One Pair)GeniSys™ GEN-Y Custom Earplugs With Acoustic Filters (One Pair)GeniSys™ GEN-Y Custom Earplugs With Acoustic Filters (One Pair)
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NOTE: This Product Requires Ear Impressions. A do-it-yourself impression kit is available as an option, or you can obtain ear impressions locally. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product.

GeniSys Gen-Y Filtered Custom Earplugs GeniSys Gen-Y filtered custom Earplugs feature a sound-bore designed to accommodate a specific kind of natural sound attenuating acoustic filter that lets you choose the level of sound attenuation you need, from just a little to quite a lot, all without distorting the sounds you hear. We offer both Etymotic ER musician filters in three attenuation levels, and Dynamic Ear DM musician filters which come in 4 different attenuation levels. Within the brand of filters you choose, you can readily change the filters to adapt to your current setting so that you get the attenuation level you need, wherever you find yourself.

Natural sound filtered custom earplugs are not just for musicians. Anyone with noise sensitivity can benefit greatly from wearing Gen-Y filtered custom earplugs with natural sound filters throughout the day. Being able to turn down the volume of your world can be priceless; improving your sense of well-being, by reducing noise-induced stress and anxiety. Gen-Y filtered custom earplugs come with one set of your choice of natural sound ER or DM filters with additional filters available for purchase separately.

GeniSys Gen-Y filtered Custom Earplugs can also be fitted with Hocks Noise Braker filters, making these earplugs ideal for motorcycling, hunting, industrial wear, and flying (as pilot or passenger); all situations in which you need to hear the ambient sound, but also need instantaneous and/or continuous protection from extremely loud noise that can be dangerous to your hearing without such protection. For motorcycle wear, we suggest a low profile earplug such as a shelled out quarter ear, or skeleton style so that these can sit easily under full shell helmets. For shooting or industrial applications, we suggest a full or half shell ear style which will provide a little more noise protection. Gen-Y filtered custom earplugs are available with an optional pop cord, which can easily be removed when not needed. Having earplugs connected by a cord is often desirable to help prevent loss of a plug when removed temporarily to enable conversation. The cord also helps keep plugs together when stored.

Gen-Y filtered custom earplugs and ear molds are made from physical impressions you either make at home using our optional DIY impression kit, or have made by a local audiologist. Once we receive your impressions, our lab pros will scan your impressions and use the scans in our advanced earmold manufacturing process to produce the perfect custom fitted earplugs or ear molds just for you. We then archive your ear impression scans for ten years, which means for any future orders of GeniSys custom earplugs or earphones, you will not need to make impressions again.


Gen-Y filtered custom earplugs are extremely versatile, solving many challenges presented by our modern noisy world. Below are some common applications and our suggested options for each. If you do not see your application, or have any questions about the issue you are facing, please contact our staff. We will be happy to help.
  • Daily wear in various noise environments. Choose any earmold style, color, and enhancement. Choose your choice of ER or DE filters. The filter numbers indicate the approximate noise attenuation level provided by the acoustic filter. These filters let you turn down the volume on your world in general and/or protect your hearing while enjoying loud concerts, night clubs, and sports venues, all without compromising the clarity of the music or other sounds you hear. Additional filters with different attenuation levels are available for purchase separately. These filters are easily interchangeable by the user. NOTE: Only filters within the brand (ER or DE) are interchangeable.

  • Shooting, hunting, motorcycling, and flying as a pilot or passenger. Choose any color, and enhancement. Choose Hocks Noise Braker filters. Choose the style that best fits your application: full ear for high noise situations such as factory settings or shooting/hunting trips. Any style for flying. Quarter ear shelled out for motorcycling with a full shell helmet. Hocks filters provide a small vent that reduces the plugged up feeling common with earplugs, as well as letting your ear pressure equalize slowly during airplane travel to reduce the pain many travelers experience. In addition, Hocks filters let you clearly hear ambient sound, so you maintain situational awareness, while reducing continuous high background noise, and instantly protecting against impulse noises including factory noises and gunfire.
GeniSys Gen-Y Filtered Custom Earplugs Features and Benefits:
  • Gen-Y filtered custom earplugs are made from physical ear impressions or archived impression scans
  • Scans are retained for 10 years for use in purchase of additional or replacement GeniSys custom products
  • Fit guaranteed; free remakes if needed up to 6 months
  • DIY or Audiologist made impressions accepted
  • Choice of many Colors and Enhancements including multiple color swirls, glitter, glow, or minimum visibility
  • Numerous earplug styles including full ear, half ear, or shelled out quarter ear
  • Earplugs are marked with a color code to make insertion easier (Remember the code: "Red is Right")
  • Optional removeable pop cord to help prevent loss of an earplug

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