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Earasers Hi-Fi Reusable Ear Plugs for Dentists and Hygienists

Earasers Hi-Fi Reusable Ear Plugs for Dentists and Hygienists

Earasers Hi-Fi Reusable Ear Plugs for Dentists and HygienistsEarasers Hi-Fi Reusable Ear Plugs for Dentists and HygienistsEarasers Hi-Fi Reusable Ear Plugs for Dentists and HygienistsEarasers Hi-Fi Reusable Ear Plugs for Dentists and Hygienists
Product Number: cpmdentistearasr-000
Mfg. Part No: M2-M


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Earasers Hi-Fi Dentist and Hygienist Ear Plugs are the first hearing protection solution to really address the unique hearing protection needs of dentists and dental hygienists. For a long time now, NIOSH (the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) has recognized noise-induced hearing loss as the most common occupational injury, and yet very few good solutions have been found to protect dental professionals. Enter Earasers Hi-Fi Dentist and Hygienist Ear Plugs.

Clear, Natural Hearing
With NRR 5 sound blocking, Earasers provide just enough protection from noise to take the edge off, while still allowing you to hear voices clearly -- without that "muffled" feeling you can get from traditional foam ear plugs (which provide much more sound blocking). Wearing Earasers, you can hold conversations with patients without ever needing to remove your hearing protection. Too, Earasers are designed with dental equipment in mind: these plugs specifically reduce up to 19dB of hazardous high-frequency sounds such as drill noise. Not only can Earasers help you protect your hearing from noise-induced damage, but they can also help reduce noise fatigue, as well as helping you avoid the high-pitched ringing that can follow you home after a long day at the office. Earasers let you hear clearly, without distortion, while providing enough protection to take the edge off all that workplace noise.

Discreet Protection
Perhaps the best feature of the Earaser for Dentists is that these ear plugs practically disappear into your ears. These really are virtually invisible. The plugs themselves are made of soft, transparent, medical grade silicone, and unlike most other ear plugs, they have no central stem that sticks out of your ear canals once the ear plugs are inserted. That means you can get the hearing protection you need and deserve -- discreetly. And the soft silicone material and SmartSeal™ near-custom fit ensure your Earasers will stay in and stay comfortable all day long.

Quick & Easy Insertion: No Hassle, Near-Custom Fit
Inserting Earasers ear plugs is fast and simple. Each pair of plugs is color-coded red/blue for right/left, so you can always be sure you're wearing the right plug in the right ear. (Unlike most off-the-shelf musician's ear plugs, Earasers strive to provide a near-custom fit with their trademarked SmartSeal™ design, so it matters which ear each plug goes into.) To insert Earasers, just pull back and up on the top of the ear, and then gently push the ear plug into your ear canal until your finger is flush with the ear canal opening and the fit feels secure. Opening and closing your mouth a few times during and after this process will help the soft silicone mold and adjust to better fit the inside of your ear. To remove, simply pull the "string" in the center of the ear plug.

To help you choose the right size, here is advice from Earasers:
  • 75% of full-grown men use Medium
  • 75% of women use Small
  • 75% of young adults use Small
  • 2% need Large

Earasers Hi-Fi Reusable Ear Plugs for Dentists and Hygienists Features:

  • Finally, a hearing protector designed for dentists and hygienists!
  • Practically disappears into your ears -- nearly invisible
  • SmartSeal™ design ensures a near-custom fit
  • Soft silicone material is comfortable and reusable
  • No "plugged up" or muffled feeling
  • Free round storage case
Earasers Inserting Instructions -- Check out the video and see the Earasers practically disappear for yourself!

Keep your Earasers ear plugs like new with the Earasers Renewal Kit!

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By wwh
Tried 2 weeks in the clinic and dental...
October 13, 2018
Tried 2 weeks in the clinic and dental lab. Not very noticeable to others. Dampens most noise. Allows speech to be heard. Your own voice will seem loud.

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