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Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds

Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds

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Mfg. Part No: DE-08S

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Got Ears? Mono-buds are great sounding low cost monaural earbuds. Ideal for use with any device equipped with a 3.5mm standard headphone jack, including most scanners, FMRS two-way radios, metal detectors, and many test instruments.

Got Ears? Mono-buds are approximately 40" long overall and rated at 20-20,000 Hz, with 90 dB output volume at 1 Milliwatt input power, and 32 Ohms impedance. We offer foam covers if you need them (available for order below.) Got Ears?® monobuds work with almost any device, sound good and put out all the volume you will probably ever need or want.
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Product Reviews for Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds

Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5alexdaviMarch 5, 2020They are GREAT ... and at an amazing price. Would prefer maybe 6" longer but I live with it. The cord gets hard near the bud after time so I just use a new one! No problem. I ordered lots!
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5JeanAugust 25, 2018Just what I wanted! The sound is good.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5ROBERT SHAWJuly 10, 2018none
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5DavidFebruary 5, 2018Have been using for about a month now and all is well. Sound is very good, but I only use it for voice (news channels and old time radio shows). I wish that the cord was about 12" longer. I was encouraged by the other reviews. Price is fantastic. I got 10 earbuds for about the price of 2 any where else.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5CharlesJanuary 23, 2018Fantastic product at a great price. Comfortable with great audio.Wish I had ordered two!
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5CJRSeptember 28, 2017These are great, good sound. And great value for the money. And service is good too.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5DaveMay 11, 2017Great product. Great price. Great service. You can't ask for anything more that that!
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5ChuckNovember 14, 2015Hard-to-find product, so was happy to see they were available at a reasonable price. Thanks!
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5daveAugust 26, 2015we use these for the hearing aid radio system in our church and they work well and last a very long time - some over 2 years now.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5Don WolfeFebruary 27, 2015The price is right. We use these buds with a hearing assist system. The audio is good quality and todate they have been reliable.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5Herbert RichardsJanuary 16, 2015Great ear buds for use in a radio at night. Can't beat these for the price! They work very well and allow me to listen to my radio at night without disturbing anyone.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5Jerry GreggAugust 3, 2014Used for hearing-impaired receivers at church - works well
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5William D'AmicoMarch 1, 2014Great value and performance!
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5david kerrFebruary 26, 2014Two years ago, I bought five. This time I bought ten. I only wish they were a little heavier duty. Very comfortable. Great price.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5JohnFebruary 8, 2014very good
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5RussJanuary 20, 2014I listen to radio at night and also use ear bud to listen to scanner occasionally. Ordered these buds and it is perfect for myneed. Was in my mailbox within 3 days of placing order. Great service and nice product. Sound is good, cord is longer than others I have had and let's me move around a little as I listen. Hard to find item at local electronics store and costs more in box store too. Couldn't be more pleased with my purchase here. Glad I found Thanks!
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5JonJanuary 13, 2014Great product, eorks well great price, great service
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5Randy BettisJanuary 11, 2014Great sound
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5MDagDecember 9, 2013Good sound quality. Excellent price. I tried other monaural earbuds but this is the best one.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5Herb RichardsDecember 8, 2013I have been looking for some old fashioned personal earphones to use when listening to the radio at night. These are excellent quality and I was pleasantly surprised. They fit into my ear nicely and the sound is very clear. Great job!
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5Dale CulverOctober 11, 2013Very good quality sound! I use it for nighttime radio listening. These are great and I'm glad to find a source again.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds4James RobinsonApril 26, 2013Have used this mono earbud for about one week now with my pocket radio. It works fine. My only disappointment is that it is pictured in your sales ad with a 90 degree 3.5mm earphone jack when it actually has a straight 3.5mm earphone jack. That doesn't affect the performance but previous earbuds I've had with a straight jack, the wire near the earpone jack eventually bends and breaks near the straight jack. I've never had that problem with the 90 degree earphone jack. Even so, the price is right and I wouldn't hesitate buying another
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds4FlintMarch 13, 2013Good value for the price.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5Randy BettisMay 2, 2012Absolutely great product. I used to buy these at the battery shack (I mean Radio Shack) these are not only less expensive but the quality is 1st rate.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5EugeneJanuary 24, 2012Excellent - very much suprised and satisfed!
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5GWSeptember 23, 2011Great product, ideal for our purposes. We have sent out over 100 of these with our on-hold playback devices for monitoring purposes. Very cost-effective. And Customer Service is outstanding.
Got Ears?® Mono-buds Monaural earbuds5kevinSeptember 8, 2011great item, i am a repeat purchaser, i use this for night time radio listening, and baseball games....super quality

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