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White Noise Machines & Sound Masking

White noise machines offer numerous benefits for sleep, work, study, and relaxation, and can help reduce the dreadful effects of a variety of disorders including Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, and Meniere's Disease. White noise can help babies sleep through the night (or help night workers sleep through the day), as well as helping everyone sleep with a snoring bed partner. We love what white noise can do, and we are proud offer one of the widest ranges of white noise masking solutions available anywhere.

Got Ears?® Personal Isolation System™
Got Ears?® Personal Isolation System™

Got Ears?® Personal Isolation System™ is the only system specifically designed to provide complete isolation from bothersome noise, whether you are trying to concentrate in a hectic office, at home with noisy kids or neighbors, out in your backyard next to a highway, traveling on a plane, trying to sleep in a hotel room, or trying to study or sleep in your dorm room.

Desktop White Noise Machines to Mask Noise and Improve Sleep
Desktop White Noise Machines to Mask Noise and Improve Sleep

We offer a wide selection of white noise machines including dual-voltage models designed for travel inside and outside the U.S. White noise for sleeping is a great way to block snoring. Try a white noise machine in the bedroom to sleep better, or to help improve concentration at the office.

In-Ear White Noise Generators
In-Ear White Noise Generators

Our In-Ear White Noise Generators, Sleep-Eze and Snoremasker Pro, offer the ultimate defense against loud snoring, and these devices can be of great help to those who suffer with tinnitus, Meniere's disease, or hyperacusis.

Speech Privacy & Noise Masking
Speech Privacy & Noise Masking

Commercial noise masking & speech privacy systems are often the best solution when you want to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information being discussed in your facility, or just reduce the distraction of unwanted noise. We have systems to treat from a single cubicle to a huge call center.

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