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Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)

Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)

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Ohropax Soft ear plugs are a soft, anatomically formed type of ear plug made of skin-friendly PU foam. This foam gently expands inside the auditory canal and reliably protects it against noise with good NRR 30 hearing protection.

Ohropax Soft earplugs have a wide range of uses: at the workplace, for concentrated reading, for DIY and when the ears are exposed to loud music. Also recommended for relaxation and undisturbed sleep. Ohropax Soft also protects your ears from water and wind.

Ohropax Soft plugs are a modern and practical form of hearing protection, which have already proven to be highly effective in a wide range of applications. Experience the special feeling of wellbeing offered by Ohropax Soft.

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Product Reviews for Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)

Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)5Neil BixbyNovember 1, 2016It's the best ear plug I've ever tried. Finally I could get some sleep. Entirely comfortable. I really like how you can compress them into a small, long "string", and how after insertion they expand to fill the ear canal, snug to eliminate sound and yet entirely comfortable. The only "problem" was the postage cost to have them sent to Canada which cost as much as the ear plugs! But of course that has nothing to do with the product.
Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)5MargaretNovember 28, 2015I have been using earplugs for many years and I found these ones in Germany. I had forgotten my usual earplugs and I am very glad I did. These ones fit much better, they do not hurt, and they still reduce the noise so that I can sleep. No turning back for me:)
Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)5AmoraSeptember 10, 2014I have small ear canals and a snoring partner. These ear plugs work well and make my ears less sore than other ones I have tried. I do still get some soreness depending on how my head is positioned, but it does seem reduced with these plugs. Sound reduction is great - I still hear my alarm, but not the snoring!
Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)5reniAugust 12, 2013Thank God for Ohropax! I found them on my holiday in Austria originally. I was so pleased with them that I searched the internet frantically on my return to Canada. Not only was my experience with EarPlug Superstore flawless and expedient, I have my favorite earplugs again. They're super soft, last a long time and really block out noise (like snoring! and barking dogs). Don't go to bed without them!
Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)5LeeNovember 1, 2012First of all, earplugstore, your service is great and prompt. Thanks! I ordered $30-worth of earplugs on this site to test out the ones that would work, which I need for sleeping (I am an insomniac and wake up easily). I'm a side sleeper and have short ear canals so I was having a hard time finding earplugs. I also ordered the Mack's slim fit and the E-A-R Superfit, as well as the wax ones, but the Ohropax are my favorite, with the earsoft superfit coming in second. I do not like the silicone or wax-type earplugs (too big and don't like the feel). I don't live near heavy traffic or a constantly noisy environment outside, but do have a heavy-footed upstairs neighbor with unpredictable hours and very loud plumbing with startling all-of-a-sudden type sounds. The OHROPAX are my favorite because once you roll them they take a longer time to expand so I can place and adjust them in my small ear for the best fit. The EARsoft SuperFit also is good because it opens slowly. I need to cut the length of the Oharopax a bit, but this is the case for all my earplugs. I finally found earplugs that work for me and can stop spending money trying out earplugs. I wish I didn't have to buy them in the first place, but glad a store like this exists.
Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)5jeanaJanuary 28, 2012Sometimes it's barking dogs, sometimes I'm away and not used to the new sounds. Sometimes I even wear them at home when i want complete, uninterrupted silence. These earplugs block it all out. I never want to be without them!
Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)5Feng LingSeptember 1, 2011Now I can sleep at such a deep level that no earthquake can wake me up. But seriously, the silencing capability is good, with excellent comfort.
Ohropax Soft Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 30) (5 Pairs w/Carry Case)5SandiMay 26, 2011These are great ear plugs. Many others hurt my ears and I also have trouble with the materials they are made from. These give me no problems and block noise from a heavy snorer.

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