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Marpac Stereo Pillow Speaker Set

Marpac Stereo Pillow Speaker Set

Product Number: wmapllwspeakerea-000Reviews:
Mfg. Part No: PS-2

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Marpac Stereo Pillow Speakers offer a terrific solution when you want to listen to music or white noise while sleeping, but your sleeping partner prefers silence or their own choice of sound. Now, with Marpac Stereo Pillow Speakers, you can both listen to your preferred music or sounds, and you can use these great sound little speakers with your favorite pillow. The set is small enough to take along when you travel.

Product Reviews for Marpac Stereo Pillow Speaker Set

Marpac Stereo Pillow Speaker Set5Midge RidgwayMay 4, 2017I love the clear, loud sound of these portable speakers that can be tucked up under your pillow or even on top of the pillow. Easy to control volume levels, I will use these for most of my white noise devices and my portable radios that I listen to in bed too. Great for people who travel and stay in motels. I like the red lights housed inside the speakers, let's me know they are working and are on. Nicely priced too. The EarplugStore has been a godsend for me because I suffer from sensitive hearing, I have to block out loud, obnoxious noises.

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