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Flents ProTechs Quiet! Please UF Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 29) (Bottle of 50 Pairs)

Flents ProTechs Quiet! Please UF Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 29) (Bottle of 50 Pairs)

Product Number: cflbeigebtl50pr0-000
Mfg. Part No: 68002A

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NOTE TO LONG-TIME QUIET PLEASE! USERS: The new ProTechs branded product is no longer made of PVC foam and you may find the new softer UF foam version to be harder to use. If that is your experience, we recommend Mack's Thermafit PVC foam Ear Plugs. You will find these, to be almost exactly like your favorite Quiet! Please original version.

Flents Quiet! Please Ear Plugs enjoy a tremendous number of regular users.

Flent's Quiet! Please Foam Ear Plugs are light beige/off white in color and made of PVC foam for a secure fit. Foam ear plugs must be rolled down between the thumb and forefinger into a tight cylinder before insertion into the ear. Any creases or imperfections in the rolled plug can reduce how much sound that plug can block. A cylindrical plug like Flent's Quiet! Please is easy to roll down, which means these ear plugs easier to insert correctly. Getting that smooth insertion and proper fit is what determines whether the ear plugs work as well as they're supposed to work. With easy fitting and high effectiveness, it's no wonder so many people love and depend on Flent's Quiet! Please Ear Plugs.

Flent's Quiet! Please is ideal for sleeping, shop or yard work, biking with a helmet or wearing on the job.

Bottle of 50 pairs. These are the same great ear plugs you love, but in a handy plastic bottle and at a great price. The bottle is rectangular, with nice rounded corners and a round top.

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Flents ProTechs Quiet! Please UF Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 29) (6 Pairs)

Flents ProTechs Quiet! Please UF Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 29) (10 Pairs)

Flents ProTechs Quiet! Please UF Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 29) (25 Pairs)

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60 Reviews
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3% (2)
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12% (7)
88% Recommend this product (53 of 60 responses)
By Irene
Inferior product
December 12, 2023
These earplugs are SO uncomfortable that, after decades of using Flent's foam earplugs, I am forced to find another brand. They scratch the skin and are even more uncomfortable when I lay on my side. So disappointing.
I only give it one star because the software will not accept zero stars.
By Kathleen
Very Disappointed in New Flents Quiet Please Product
October 4, 2023
I have bought the Flents Quiet Please! ear plugs for several years and been very happy with them--until now. As another reviewer said, Flents has changed the material they use to make these ear plugs, and it definitely has not been an improvement.

Whatever type of foam they use to make the Quiet Please! ear plugs now, it's vastly inferior to what they used to use. I bought the Flents Quiet Please! ear plugs because they were the only ear plugs that fit into my ears properly, were easy to shape and insert, didn't make my ears hurt or make me wake up with a sore jaw, and were effective in truly blocking out noise like my husband's snoring. I am a very light sleeper, and I considered the Flents Quiet Please! ear plugs truly the best ones out there.

Now these new Flents ear plugs made out of a different type of foam material and claiming to be "softer than ever" are a worse product. They're not easy to shape or insert, are too long for my ear canals, don't fit properly, and don't block any noise--especially the snoring that keeps me awake. Unless and until Flents returns to the kind of foam they formerly used to manufacture their Quiet Please! line, I will not be purchasing any more of these ear plugs.
  • There are no pros--this is a very disappointing and ineffective product.
  • Hard to shape.
  • Hard to insert.
  • Too long for ear canals.
  • Makes my ears and jaw hurt.
  • Does not block or cancel noise.
By Mark P.
Encino, CA
Not your fault
September 8, 2023
Flents changed the product. It's not the same as I have been using. They coated the ear plugs and it hurts my ears to use them... Very bad product change
  • None
By Victoria
Sherman Illinois
Flent quiet please ear plugs have changed.
September 8, 2023
I’m so frustrated with the new way the producers of the flent quiet please ear plugs are made. They have changed the product and they do not block sound, they are very soft and squishy, and if you force them in to your ears, they hurt. I have used flent ear plugs since the 1980 Im so disappointed in these new ones. I’m not going to buy them again.
  • No pros, I dislike them.
  • They aren
By Cathy M.
Not the same
August 18, 2023
They changed the way they used to make these and NOT for the better!! Please bring back the kind you used to make. These "Now softer for more comfort" are for CRAP!! Do Not Buy!!!!

Merchant Response:The merchant had no control over the change. The distributor of this product had to find a new company to manufacture this product as the previous manufacturer stopped making them.
By Pam
Not what I expected
August 6, 2023
These are supposed to be improved & be softer but I don't really like the feel & I don't think they block the noise as well as before.
By TomL
Upper Midwest
Product has changed for the worse
May 20, 2022
Loved the old Flents Quiet! Please ear plugs. The latest version (ordered 5/2022) have a new label "Flent's PROTECHS Quiet Please". Although the new ear plugs outwardly look the same, they have different mechanical properties, making them much shorter when squeezed and placed in the ear. This shortness makes them too easily pop out of the ear canal. Not recommended.
By Parker B.
Summerville, SC
I can't sleep without these
February 8, 2022
I've used these for years (my husband is a snorer) and they're the best I've found. They mould to your ears, so they really block noise.

Highly recommend!
  • Mould to your ears
  • Block noise
  • I can't think of anything!
By Steve
November 26, 2021
Never stop making these please.
By Scott
Milwaukee, WI
So Glad These Are Still Around
April 5, 2021
At one time these were sold everywhere in any pharmacy you would pick, but for some reason, they started disappearing from stores. I'm so glad I can still get them here. Best earplugs I have ever used. They're fabulous at blocking noise. I sleep through just about anything (except the smoke alarm--which is fortunate).
  • Comfortable. Great noise blocking.
  • Can't buy them in walk-in stores anymore.
By Peter
Durham, NC
Great product, fast service
April 2, 2021
I can't find Quiet Please earplugs in my usual local stores, so Earplug superstore has proven to be a convenient and economical alternative.
By Joshua
This earplug works really well
March 4, 2021
This product is really easy on the ears.
By Anonymous
February 14, 2021
I use please quiet earplug that type of I do really need because i have issued with noise like allergic to noisy which I hate so earplug foam that material Flents Quiet! Please PVC Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 29) does work really good because of pressure from the air or can't ear nothing it's working please don't stop making and please keep going I really need this I have tinnitus issued and also noisy issued too hurt my ear all the times since i was kid so please don't stop make products thank you
By Ann
Warren, Ohio
Superior as to Noise Reduction and comfort
December 31, 2020
These Flents earplugs are the best that I have found to quiet the noises at night. They even helped me survive the blasting noises of car stereos booming out on the street corner under our apartment windows all night during the good weather months. That was in New York City. Now that I'm in a quieter neighborhood, I'm still thankful for these, especially since my husband snores.
  • Soft and pliable, yet sound reduction is superb.
  • After a few uses, the oil in the ears makes them less effective.
By Stephanie
Have used for 35 years!!
December 18, 2020
These are simply the best foam ear plugs to use for a good nights sleep!

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