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Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool

Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool

Ear Wiz Earwax Removal ToolEar Wiz Earwax Removal ToolEar Wiz Earwax Removal Tool
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The Ear Wiz ear wax removal tool is a safe and simple way to remove excess ear wax. This handy tool makes it easy to follow the directions on many hearing protection products that tell you to "clean ears and remove excess wax before inserting ear plugs."

Ear Wiz features a unique Safety Stop to make it impossible to contact your ear drum and a Spring Flex wax removal loop to prevent injury to the canal wall.

Recommended for all who use ear plugs, ear molds or in-ear devices. Ear Wiz can help prevent wax blockages that can occur from repeatedly pushing the wax deeper into the canal. Never use Q-Tips. Use EarWiz instead.

Includes one tool and instructions.

Product Reviews for Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool

Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool5BopAugust 30, 2017Woks ok but since I can't see what I'm doing, I'd rather let the professionals do it for me.
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool5Bill ThompsonJuly 24, 2017Just what one needs!
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool4NJFebruary 4, 2017Worked very well; after using earwax softener for three days, the wax was easily removed from the canal. The only minus is that the tool has some rough edges on it, so it was uncomfortable to use at times. Delivery was great . . only two days from time of ordering to receiving them.
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool5Dajana hobsonMay 21, 2015Good product
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool5lindaMarch 20, 2015Im glad I finally found these. Ive been looking at sales catalogs with no success. I've had one that my mother gave me and she has been gone for 8 years. My husband told me to try the internet, which I did. So glad. I highly reccomend the earwiz ear wax remover.
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool5Richard W. JenkinsJanuary 3, 2015Just what I grrrrreat! Super good service, too!!!
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool3C from NZJanuary 24, 2014Found the end quite sharp (think a rubber end would have been better), works with the flat side down fine but to scrape the way shown I think was too harsh. Definitely a safe product with the stopper, I recommend getting someone else to do the removing so they can see.
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool5JoanNovember 25, 2013This tool works well. Very satisfied with it.
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool5SandyMay 8, 2012Had to order "more" for my husband... this is the only thing that works for him and that he feels safe using. It has the guard so it can not be pushed into the ear too far. Would be nice it they came it a multiple pack.
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool5FranJanuary 29, 2012This tool is the safest I have ever seen for removing earwax. I use to use a hairpin when I was in my 20's to take out the wax. This is so much simpler and safer to use. You can retrive so much more wax and not worry about harming anyone.The doctors office has one that looks like a crochet took with no safety on it.This works so well I bought 4 just to keep on hand.
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool5Connie MillerAugust 21, 2011This is a great item for removing earwax. Cotton swabs only push the wax in deeper but these are designed so the wax is safely removed without danger of injuring the ear drum.
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool5AdamApril 18, 2011Ear Wiz is an excellent product, it works extremely well and is safe to use. As for The Ear Plug Store, a wonderful and professional business to deal with. Shipping time is very fast too! I highly reccommend both!
Ear Wiz Earwax Removal Tool4EricMarch 21, 2011I love these things! Very simple idea that's better than anything else I have tried. They do bend and wear out, or sometimes the edges are a bit sharp, but I have never hurt myself. The trick is to learn where the wax hides (maybe not where you expect). I use it every couple weeks or so for maintenance.

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