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EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs

EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs

EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians EarplugsEarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs
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EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs are imported from France. Produced by one of the world's great manufacturers of professional musician monitors, EarSonics PAD offer an average volume reduction of about 16 dB without distorting the sound you came to hear.

Now available in regular (adult) and small (kid) sizes.

Until the introduction of EarSonics PAD earplugs, you had to buy full custom molded earplugs fitted with the unique EarSonics acoustic filters, at a cost well over $100! Now, PAD earplugs are available to anyone who values the great sound of music, but still wants to protect their hearing in loud clubs and concerts.

EarSonics PAD earplugs are an excellent choice for anyone in need of a little noise reduction, without the feeling of being cut off from the world.

EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs Features:
  • Patented EarSonics Acoustic Filters: clearly hear without distortion, at a -16dB volume reduction.
  • Rounded clear short stem for unobtrusive and comfortable wear and easy insertion/removal.
  • Dual flange universal fit design.
  • Wide comfortable neck strap.
  • Free carry pouch included.
  • Instructions for use.

Product Reviews for EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs

EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs5eMJayJanuary 27, 2019second pair - had the first pair for a few years. just right for even reduction at band practices, and occasionally use at concerts i attend to take the edge off.
EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs4SandySeptember 23, 2015Really like these. Good at bringing down the volume but you can still hear!
EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs4dpeNovember 17, 2013Tested these at a college basketball game. Sat across from the band. They worked very well. So far of all the ear plugs I've tested, these will be the ones I take to loud sporting events.
EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs4NJune 24, 2013Have used them once. They are comfortable & do a reasonable job of attenuating the noise while letting the pitch come through accurately. The aluminum carry case is a big step up from the plastic case which came with another brand of earplugs -- but please add a lmeans of "locking" the screw threads: I carry my 'plugs on a ring with my keys at all times, & at times the top comes unscrewed. Could lose the 'plugs that way.
EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs3Scott JonesMarch 21, 2013I play guitar in a band with a loud drummer and a horn section. These work well in bringing the noise levels down for me. They don't change the tones I'm hearing much either. The only problem I've had with them is the first time I tried to use them the two earplugs got stuck in the case. It took me 10 minutes to get them out. I was worried I'd damage them in the process. Needless to say, I don't store them in that case anymore.
EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs5Andrew PearsonSeptember 19, 2012Comfortable, clear hearing.
EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs5shaneDecember 20, 2011do as they say they will. drown the sound with clarity of high and low sounds intact. love the earplugs. very satisfied with the distributors as well
EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs5jasoJuly 8, 2011These earplugs are great and do just what they say. But one of the ends fell off a few days after I got it, I easily fixed with super glue. All in all a great product
EarSonics PAD Universal Fit Musicians Earplugs5RyanJanuary 23, 2011I bought these for band practice and rock concerts and they seem to work great so far. They fit well and lower the volume to a better level. My only complaint is that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish tones while playing. I play guitar and it's hard to tell certain notes when you have 2 guitars in the band with these earplugs in. Don't let that stop you from buying them though.

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