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E.A.R. Inc. Adjustable Hearing Screener & Fit Check

E.A.R. Inc. Adjustable Hearing Screener and Fit Check

Product Number: aeihearingscreen-000
Mfg. Part No: HSFC

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The Adjustable Hearing Screener and Fit Check allows you to quickly test whether your hearing protection ear plugs are properly inserted and providing the best amount of noise blocking possible. This screening device also allows for quick hearing acuity tests in a variety of environments and settings.

When it comes to hearing protection ear plugs, the single most important factor in getting the full NRR/SNR noise protection the product offers is getting a good fit. Unfortunately, earplug users do not always know how to properly insert their ear plugs. Ear plugs must be inserted at the proper depth, without any wrinkles or other anomalies, and they must also be an appropriate size for the wearer. Some individuals have larger- or smaller-than-average ear canals, and ear canal size doesn't always correspond with an individual's gender, height, etc. With no universal standards for ear plug sizes, it can be difficult to ensure the ear plugs fit well and are truly being worn properly and to gain their best noise blocking effect.

Adjustable Hearing Screener and Fit CheckThe Adjustable Hearing Screener & Fit Check is truly ideal for testing for proper use of hearing protection ear plugs in the workplace.

This Adjustable Hearing Screener and Fit Check device takes the guesswork out of determining whether hearing protection ear plugs are inserted and fitted properly by providing a simple, portable, and affordable test. Testing takes only 5-7 minutes, and can be conducted on the job or at home.

The Adjustable Hearing Screener & Fit Check device features 4 adjustable pulse tone frequencies (500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz and 4000 Hz) and 5 adjustable intensity levels (40 dB, 50 dB, 60 dB, 70 dB and 80 dB). This allows you to test your hearing protection at a variety of volumes and frequencies, which is ideal for ensuring OSHA compliance in the workplace, as well as for testing the effectiveness of your hearing protection under various other noisy conditions.

Hearing Screener Results Recording ChartHow to Use the Adjustable Hearing Screener & Fit Check
To use the Adjustable Hearing Screener and Fit Check device, begin in a quiet space. The attached wrist lanyard can be worn to prevent dropping the device during use. First, test each ear and establish the threshold for hearing acuity without hearing protection. Next, repeat this screening process with the hearing protection ear plugs inserted. Record the results on this Printable Chart (.jpg image format); the same chart is also available in PDF format. These charts can be printed right from your internet browser, or can be saved and printed later. The entire testing process takes less than 10 minutes. Detailed, easy to follow instructions are included with the Adjustable Hearing Screener & Fit Check in 13 languages. This device is CE certified for international use.

Where to Use the Adjustable Hearing Screener & Fit Check
  • Audiological/Medical/Schools - Very quickly and easily screen hearing acuity. These affordable devices may also be given to patients to allow them to screen their friends and family, referring others back to their audiologists and increasing referrals -- a win-win for physicians and patients alike.
  • Industrial/Workplace - Allows for very quick and efficient testing for proper use of hearing protection. In just 5-7 minutes, the correct fit can be checked and compliance can be confirmed (or noted for correction). An excellent safety feature for any noisy workplace or industrial setting.
  • Trade Shows/Seminars/Demonstrations - The Adjustable Hearing Screener & Fit Device is ideal for demonstrating how to screen for hearing acuity, and for teaching about noise intensity and the need for hearing protection.
  • Animals - Allows veterinary professionals to screen pet animals, hunting dogs, horses, etc. The device is portable and very easy to use, completely safe, and provides a method for hearing acuity screening in animals.
  • Personal - Have you ever wondered how well your own hearing protection works? Have you tried testing out one type of ear plug versus another? Are you seeking the perfect snoring-blocker? Or are you interested in simply tracking your own hearing acuity, or the hearing acuity of your family? This affordable and easy to use device is a great solution for tracking personal hearing health.
5 dB levels (40/50/60/70/80 dB)
4 frequencies (500/1000/2000/4000 Hz)
Tone: 2-second pulse tone
Batteries: 3 x AAA batteries (included)
Size: 56.5 mm x 136 mm x 43 mm
Weight: 120 g
CE certified

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By Wayne
Halfmoon, NY
A very useful tool!
July 14, 2023
I appreciate the volume control… The extra button to turn it on is a little confusing but overall I really like it!

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