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InEarz Arsenal Modular Custom Hearing Protection System

InEarz Arsenal Modular Custom Hearing Protection System

InEarz Arsenal Modular Custom Hearing Protection SystemInEarz Arsenal Modular Custom Hearing Protection SystemInEarz Arsenal Modular Custom Hearing Protection SystemInEarz Arsenal Modular Custom Hearing Protection SystemInEarz Arsenal Modular Custom Hearing Protection System
Product Number: arsenal-hearing-protection-system
Mfg. Part No: ARSENAL_2

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NOTE: This Product Requires Ear Impressions. A do-it-yourself impression kit is available as an option, or you can obtain ear impressions locally. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product.

Advanced Custom-Fit Modular Hearing Protection

The Arsenal Hearing Protection System is the first fully modular custom hearing protection solution designed for use in a wide variety of noisy settings. Arsenal can go from an electronic hearing enhancer to a high-NRR ear defender, to a high-fidelity musician's filter and back again in a matter of moments, thanks to its innovative modular design.

The Arsenal System has two components: the custom earmolds, and the modules inside them. The earmolds are professionally custom-molded to tailor-fit your ears and your ears alone. The comfort and fit security of custom ear plugs is unparalleled. The modules, meanwhile, can block noise, amplify speech, work as high quality headphones, and much more, depending on which module(s) you select. Choose and add on the exact features and modes you want, without paying for the ones you don't. Finally, you can arm yourself with exactly the suite of hearing protection and hearing enhancement features you need, without paying for multiple sets of custom ear plugs.

The Arsenal is an investment in your hearing that can keep up with you at work, while you play, and while you're on the go - virtually anywhere. Arsenal is a perfect fit to block hazardous noise at work, to enjoy music on the commute home, and to filter sound at a concert later that night. With Arsenal, you could leverage the tactical hearing advantage while you hunt in the morning and then enjoy some light noise filtering for the football game in the afternoon. No matter what your lifestyle is like or where your passions take you, the Arsenal has your options covered. And its custom fit means the Arsenal will fit perfectly and stay comfortable for hours of wear, day after day, week after week.

Customize the look of your Arsenal! The electronic modules (interior) come with two faceplate color options, while the custom earmolds (exterior) come in a whole range of hues. (The red/blue shells on the modules are non-optional - these make sure you know which module goes in which ear, no guesswork required.) Pictured above [main image]: black faceplate modules paired with the clear earmold color. With so many options available, you can select a look that fits you just as well as the custom earpieces do.

Base/Included Electronic Modules: Hear Better + Defend Your Ears

The Arsenal Hearing Protection System comes with your choice of one pair of state-of-the-art electronic modules, forming the basis of the system. These electronic modules allow for clear hearing in hazardously noisy situations: they amplify speech and other safe sounds for accurate hearing, while automatically compressing dangerous sounds down to a safe volume that won't damage your ears, keeping your hearing safe. With the Arsenal's electronic modules, you can hear far better than you could with your naked ears alone - and you stay defended from both steady state and blast noise. For industrial or mechanical work, for hunting and shooting, or for home improvement, Arsenal's electronic modules are a game changer.

Two electronic module options are available, so you can tailor your system to your needs and budget. Opt for the Essential 2-Channel electronic module to achieve clear hearing and preserve situational awareness even in noisy places; a fast attack and release time will ensure loud noises are blocked without disturbing your ability to hear ongoing wanted sounds like conversation. For superb audio, breathtaking fidelity, and the best clarity possible, choose the Elite 8-Channel electronic module, which is designed especially to improve listening in windy situations.

Add More Modules: Gear Up for More Situations

The Arsenal shines best when you can take advantage of the modular aspect of the system. Add additional modules to take Arsenal from an electronic hearing protector to a set of headphones, hi-fi ear plugs, maximum noise-blockers, or more.

  • Solid Maximum Isolation Module: These full-protection noise blockers are designed to give you maximum isolation from unwanted sounds. With the custom Arsenal ear molds, these provide powerful 29-33dB of noise reduction.
  • Music Hi-Fi Hearing Module: These hi-fi ear plug modules are designed for live music, band practice, and other situations where clear hearing is a must. Turn down the volume without distorting the sound; choose from multiple levels of sound reduction to fit your needs. No batteries required.
  • Headphone Module: Convert your ear plugs into high-quality in-ear monitors with these dual driver headphone modules. One balanced armature delivers crisp, clean highs while one dynamic driver provides rich, smooth lows, for a faithful and rewarding listening experience. Ideal for stage musicians and audiophiles alike. No batteries required; includes standard audio cable with 3.5mm jack.
  • Officiating Headset Module: This headset module is specially designed to work with the Vokkero officiating headset (aka the Phonak 221 push-to-talk system). A peak reduction value of 29-33dB keeps unwanted noise out. Note that this module is for a single ear only; consider pairing this with a music or full protection module (sold separately) to block sound in both ears for use in noisy environments.

Each of these optional Arsenal modules may be added to your Arsenal purchase as an add-on, or purchased separately. The modules come with their own set of options and customizations; the combinations are almost limitless when you have the entire Arsenal system at your fingertips. Each set of modules comes with off-the-shelf ear tips to give you additional fit choices; the modules may be used independently with these universal-fit tips, or fitted into your custom Arsenal ear tips for a perfect customized fit, giving you maximum choice and flexibility.

If you need hearing protection and the ability to listen to music, if you need different kinds and levels of noise blocking through your day, or if you just want to make your investment in one set of really high-quality custom earpieces stretch as far as possible, the Arsenal Hearing Protection System is the perfect solution for you.

A note on batteries: the battery to support the electronic modules varies in size, to provide the best fit your custom earpieces; a 10a, 312, or 13 size battery will be selected by our professional custom molding staff to ensure the power source is an appropriate size for your totally unique earpieces.

More Arsenal Hearing Protection System modules may become available in the future; check back for updates on this innovative modular hearing protection system!

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