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Got Ears?® ANC-01 Noise Canceling Headphones For Flying Travelers

Got Ears? ANC-01 Noise Canceling Headphones For Flying Travelers

Got Ears? ANC-01 Noise Canceling Headphones For Flying TravelersGot Ears? ANC-01 Noise Canceling Headphones For Flying Travelers
Product Number: pifnoisecancelea-000
Mfg. Part No: ANC-01

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Got Ears?® ANC Active Noise Canceling Headphones are great for canceling out unwanted cabin noise, conversation, fussy babies, and other irritating sounds while flying. This reduces noise fatigue, allowing you to enjoy a less stressful flight and to feel more refreshed when you reach your destination. These headphones cancel outside noises so you can listen to your music or the in-flight movie in peace. They offer good quality sound and effective noise canceling. Too, an in-cable noise canceling module with a handy shirt clip and an on/off switch lets you hear music with or without noise canceling engaged.

A great, affordably-priced alternative to Bose noise canceling headphones -- these are ANC flying headphones for the rest of us!

Standard 3.5mm stereo patch cable works with most music players and mobile phones (listen only).

Got Ears?® ANC Noise Canceling Headphones Features:
  • Fully adjustable headband to fit most people comfortably
  • Padded headband and ear cups for long term comfort
  • Quality Rigid foam zip case
  • One AAA battery required (not included)
  • 30 day limited manufacturer's warranty
  • 120cm Cable
Electrical Characteristics:
Speaker element type: 2 x 40MM Neodynium
Impedance: L: 32/40 ohm R: 32/40 ohm
Resonance Frequency: L: 160 Hz R: 158 Hz
Sensitivity: (avg 600/800/1000/1200 Hz) L: 110 db/mW R: 111.1 dB/mW
Output @ 50 mW: L: 108.0 db SPL R: 107.1 dB SPL
Reduction level: +/- 14db @ 300 Hz
Left/Right phase: Wired in Phase

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