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Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Professional Driver's Ear Plugs (1 Pair With Zip Carry Pouch and 2 Sets of Interchangeable Acoustic Filters)

Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear PlugsAlpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear PlugsAlpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear PlugsAlpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs
Product Number: calmotosafeea000-000Reviews:
Mfg. Part No: 220200

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Recommended by Motorcycle Consumer News.

Alpine MotoSafe is the top-selling motorcycle ear plug all across the European Union, and now these world-class high-tech ear plugs are available through Ear Plug Superstore. MotoSafe Natural Sound Ear Plugs are one of the only hearing protection options designed specifically for professional drivers to protect against the damaging effects of dangerously loud wind noise.

MotoSafe works by reducing volume evenly across all audible frequencies. This means that you can clearly hear your radio, radar detector, voices, and traffic without distortion, but at a reduced, comfortable volume. This "natural sound" quality makes MotoSafe plugs excellent for music applications, in addition to driving applications.

MotoSafe features all the following:

  • Dual Flange Silicone Rubber Design for comfort and a great acoustic seal that fits most adults.
  • Low-profile Stem Design for a less noticeable appearance and for generous clearance under a motorcycle helmet.
  • Two Pairs of Interchangeable acoustic filters that let you choose the level of attenuation you need in specific situations. Lower attenuation for city driving and higher attenuation to fight the wind noise on the highway.
  • Natural Sound Technology to clearly hear your your radio, radar detector, voices, and traffic, but at a comfortable, safe volume.
FilterAverage Attenuation Values
Green Filter (blocks less sound)dB14.815.015.718.726.624.418.9
Yellow Filter (blocks more sound)dB18.815.616.018527.728.922.0
Note: On the dB (decibel) scale, which is a non-linear scale, a 10 dB reduction in volume is perceived as half as loud, so the difference in loudness between the two filters will be perceived as a 25-40% difference in loudness, depending on the particular frequencies (Hz) present in the sound being heard.

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Product Reviews for Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs4Buck DiabloNovember 29, 2017Work quite well, I have very tight bends in my ear canals so the insert tool is a must. Nice little case too. No noticeable difference between the two types of filters though.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs3Ron RandallJuly 30, 2017I guess they do reduce wind noise, but not as much as I hoped. I must have a larger left ear, as the plug sinks way in, and I had to have my daughter pull it out. Perhaps I had it in wrong. ??? But I'll keep wearing them and see if I can get better results.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5ColinJune 24, 2017Once you get used to having something in your ears while riding, these plugs are great. The wind and road noise is significantly reduced and I can still hear my helmet blue tooth phone and music clearly.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5JustinMay 15, 2017Very comfortable fit, under my motorcycle helmet. I like the dual noise reduction elements to give you a choice.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs4JGaltAugust 26, 2016Works well once I can seal it up properly, a bit of a problem since the earplugs are small for me. The plugs are difficult to remove, since not enough stick out for me to grab. Really nice the way it silences wind noise, though.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5DanJuly 18, 2016Just got to try them yesterday. What a difference! I used to use foam earplugs, but they were a hassle after awhile. These are easy to use and really work. I ride a Harley with performance exhaust and the ear plugs really quiet the sound. I would definitely buy again.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Nancy OuttramDecember 30, 2015Fantastic product and I would rate these very highly indeed!! Thanks!!
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5DanJuly 14, 2015These work great, fit under helmet with no problem and they have a special tool to insert them. Extra plug also provided. Cuts sound significantly on a Harley with loud pipes. and does not block music. Buying extra pairs!
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5PostellMay 22, 2015I ride a Suzuki Vstrom and commute to work everyday as well as taking local rides every weekend. These earplugs are great and are an essential part of my riding gear. They do a great job of blocking out most wind noise and help me to have a relaxed ride. I used to use disposable ear plugs and I love that I can clean Alpine earplugs and reuse them. I feel much less wasteful.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs3LesFebruary 13, 2015I ride a 2010 Kawi ZX-6R with a complete header/M4 GP exhaust which is pretty loud, Hence the need for the ear plugs... I was really impressed with the product packaging, the case which holds everything in its place and to the people technically challenged on insertion, there are even Youtube Videos to help you through so they don't move and so you don't damage your ear rum. All said, I'm impressed. I'd have been even more impressed if after my purchase at full price if 2 weeks later, the product wasn't reduced to $18/pair but it is what it is. I really like the product!
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Ron RogersFebruary 1, 2015I've been riding for 38 years, mostly sport touring in the mountains, and I have tried all sorts of hearing protection. I found these a number of years ago while riding in Europe. They easily fit my ear with no need to fuss around to get the fit just right. I'm one of those nuts who ride long days in the twisties stopping occasionally for fuel. These plugs comfortable the entire time and I believe the small hole in the plugs help with altitude changes. Bottomline; these are the only ear plugs I use anymore.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs3DavidNovember 30, 2014The Yellow Filter is terrific and adequately blocks the sounds of wind, exhaust, etc., on my Harley. Compared to foam plugs, these seem to block wind noise or the frequencies of wind, better while allowing other sounds such as music and conversations to be heard. I can't explain why but that's the experience I had. I only rated these 3 starts because they are very difficult to get inserted correctly avoiding "leaks" that allow noise to enter. It is very frustrating to work 5 minutes putting them in, taking them out, tugging, turning, reinserting to place them finally perfectly. Then, putting on your helmet drags across the stem and changes the position of the plug so there are "noise leaks". I have to stop a mile up the road and start all over. Not good. This happens every time I ride. Either they don't get inserted perfectly or the helmet rubs them or they just "move" while I'm riding and a blast of noise occurs. When they stay in place they are great but I'm still looking for quality plugs to replace these. Too bad. They are comfortable.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs4jamesOctober 3, 2014I am a first time rider and purchased these ear plugs after discovering just how much noise there was on the highway even with a helmet on. The case and plugs are a great system. The case is extremely handy with a good amount of apparent forethought as it holds all parts in there individual spots. They seem to go in just fine and stay put as long as i insert them as instructed. I had them loosen up once as i was chewing gum at the time but i would suspect that would happen with any ear plug. As far as how well they work, i would go as far as to say they reduced noise by about 20% which i consider sufficient for my purposes. It made the ride much more comfortable, taking the edge off wind noise particularly at speeds above 60 mph. I would definitely recommend these for noise reduction but i suppose i would have expected a bit more for the price tag.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Alan BarnardOctober 1, 2014I have tinnitus and the resulting hearing loss. As such my ears are very sensitive to noises that normal hearing would not have a problem with. I have a Gold Wing and a Harley and I have difficulty tolerating the wind noise with the Wing and the pipe noise with the Harley. The sponge type ear plugs block out too much noise so I can't use my blue tooth and I can't hear traffic sounds. These Alpine Motosafe are perfect for both bikes. Quiets the wind and traffic noise to tolerable levels with my hearing and the Harley pipes as well. I can still hear on my Blue Tooth. They are comfortable and easy to put in and take out. I can't tell you how grateful to finally find a hearing solution so I can continue my lifelong love of motorcycle riding.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5JamesAugust 26, 2014After just one ride wearing these plugs with the orange filters I'm hooked. They remove almost all wind noise at highway speeds, giving a much more relaxing riding experience. Well worth the price!
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Richard WalterAugust 4, 2014Comfortable and easy to use. Wind noise is cut down greatly with the green inserts and you can still hear cars. If your driving down the highway the yellow really does the trick. Yellow is a bit much for city driving. Having the choice between the two is why I highly recommend these plugs.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5ChrisJune 25, 2014I couldn't find good plugs to use when I ride my motorcycle. The foam plug did not do any justice for me, but I had to deal with it because there was not too much out there, unless a custom one was made. I came across the Alpine MotoSafe and it was way more than I expected. It didn't come off during long periods of riding and is very comfortable. I can barely feel it. Noise can still be heard but at a lowered volume, just like what the description says. The wind noise is cut down by a lot, yet I can still hear traffic around me. The included pouch makes it easy to store your plugs in and leave it in your jacket so you never forget it. Great product by far.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5ShonMay 10, 2014I recently bought the Alpine earplugs I could not find them anywhere in town at some of the cycle shops. And right after the first time riding the motorcycle to work a few times a week I can feel the difference with the reduction in wind noise just traveling the city streets. I use the yellow filters and the next time I have to use the freeway I am sure I am going feel a big difference. I keep the stems long in case the plug pushes too far into the ear canal, also makes it easy to pull out with your fingers, I highly recommend these ear plugs.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs4Jonas AbrahamMay 5, 2014Good Plugs, my only complaint is the stem is not long enough, had alot of trouble removing as I couldn't grasp the stem. And no I did not push in to far as having worn earplugs for the last 30 yrs.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5GregMay 3, 2014Not much to say, I like the ear protection for long trips on the highway - I don't want to end up with tinnitus. I really want it ultra quiet (even if it's possibly dangerously quiet), and the yellow inserts fit the bill perfectly. On quiet dual sport or sport bikes, when not wound out, you can't even hear the bike. Louder bikes like harleys with aftermarket pipes you can hear fine, but it's really muffled and nowhere near as obnoxious. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it or what but I feel like it's not dangerous at all and I can still hear cars fine - you can hear things just fine, but everything is quiet and a lot of the white noise goes away...I guess that's the best way to describe it. Anywho, I really love them and will continue using them for all long distance trips - even bought a pair for my best bud. Yellow inserts kick ass on the highway, shuts the wind noise down HARD. Maybe the green is a little better if you're not doing 85 on the highway and want to hear more traffic and such. I highly recommend them, best purchase of ANYTHING in a long while.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5DaveApril 27, 2014Amazing product. I can still hear the faint ticking of my engine but am no longer deafened by the wind noise. Also can easily talk with them in and don't feel like I'm in a bubble like foam plugs do.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5JoshApril 12, 2014Had been using the foam earplugs under my helmet, wind noise was still loud, but it was better than nothing. Thought I'd try the motosafe based on reviews. They muffle the wind noise noticeably more than the foam earplugs.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5MarkJanuary 24, 2014These are the most comfortable and effective ear plugs that I have ever used! Perfect for riding my motorcycle, and fits under the helmet...
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5MichaelJanuary 3, 2014I was given a pair of Alpine Motorcycle Earplugs a few years ago by a good friend. Prior to a big ride taking my wife, I purchased a pair for her. These earplugs are the best at reducing wind noise and saving your hearing. I recommend to any motorcycle rider who races, rides street or trails having loud pipes. You will be amazed. Purchasing was easy with quick delivery. Earplug Superstore has courteous representatives and answered all my questions. Thanks!
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs3pete yucklyNovember 29, 2013These are good little earplugs. I would recommend them if you can afford. I like the fit and due to the soft silicone construction they are comfortable. I have tried a lot of different ear plugs and these are the most comfortable. I have been doing a comparison lately with some of the other ear plugs that I have and I do not see that great a difference in the performance in the MotoSafe and the ear plugs that I got in the Hunting Dept. from Walmart for 5 or 6 bucks. The Alpine Motosafe ARE MORE COMFORTABLE!
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs1Scarecrow653November 15, 2013I drive a semi and have been using foam plugs, but thought it would be nice to be using a permanent ear plug that I wouldn't have to remove when I use my cell phone (with headset). But after less than half my day (14 hour days) my ears were ringing very badly. I went back to the foam plugs because these did not give me enough protection.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5PatOctober 25, 2013Absolutely amazing comfortable and do exactly what they say they do.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Daniel B.October 23, 2013I ride motorcycles and recently purchased a cruiser with loud pipes. I noticed after a long ride that it affected my hearing. After disliking the experience of foam earplugs, I searched for earplugs designed for motorcycle riding. I found these and was initially skeptical of the overwhelming positive reviews. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm now here to add my voice to theirs! These ear plugs are phenomenal. I bought a pair for me and my wife to use when touring on our Victory, and it's amazing how well they protect my hearing but still allow useful sound through. I can also still hear the nice deep rumble of my pipes without damaging my hearing. The whole package is very professional. The case they come in is well made and stores the earplugs, insertion tool, and whatever filters you're not currently using. The earplugs fit very comfortably and have not fatigued my ear canals even with rides of many hours. I'm fond of the yellow filters, which allow all the sound I need through but protect me from the sound produced at highway speeds by wind noise and the pipes. I can't recommend this product highly enough. If you own a motorcycle and are looking for hearing protection that will still allow you to hear warning sounds that just might save your life, then look no further.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Marc C.September 3, 2013These units are amazing, finally an earplug that works and stays in my canal. As a bonus, it does not feel bizarre when I swallow saliva like with other plugs.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Victor HowardAugust 26, 2013Overall, excellent. The installation tube is an excellent idea - ensuring proper fit and depth in the ear canal. Both attenuators (green, or yellow) reduce wind noise most effectively. They stay in better than my custom made plugs. Far less embarrassing than the silly putty plugs. Fit far better than memory phone. I'm tremendously pleased and recommend them highly.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5ChadAugust 19, 2013Wow.. Used on 4 hour ride and what a difference. Purchased two sets for my wife and I... We both love them. Reviews are true, I am an HD rider and had no problem hearing the rumble or radio.. Saved my ears., no ringing. Comfortable and a big fan.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5NickJuly 19, 2013STUPID!!! Why didn't I do this years ago. Wore them today for the first time and WOW, seriously mutes the exhaust and wind noise but still loud enough to enjoy that great HD rumble, or Ducati, I have them both. Don't hesitate, buy them, I'm on the site ordering an extra set so I always have more than two available. I use the yellow filter....insane.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5James MJuly 16, 2013Great ear plugs work great and do cut noise to a comfortable level and recommend these to anyone that want to ride without wind noise.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Greg WallJune 26, 2013Great product comfortable good block out and quite a bit less expensive than custom molded earplugs
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Greg WallJune 26, 2013These are really the best earplugs I have found that are not custom molded to your ear canal which are easily 2 -3 times the price. ewe comfortable and good protection
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs4AugieMay 4, 2013Good protection against sound. Difficult to get into the ear sometimes. Can cause some ear discomfort.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5HubertDecember 12, 2012I really like these plugs. They are easy to fit, comfortable, and they don't go too deep in your ear canal. They don't touch the sides of the helmet like other longer plugs. Wind noise is drastically reduced, and I can here my engine clearer now. I ride a F800gs with stock windshield and exhaust. Helmets: BMW enduro, and Joe Rocket RKT101. The only cons is that if you have very big ear canal it might be hard to take them off.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs4Henri HeijnenNovember 20, 2012used them for more than 15 years; now renewed and still like them! Very comfortable, wind noise reduction is good, still able to hear other sounds which I like/need.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5David PhilpottOctober 28, 2012Very comfy, just enough protection without compromising safety. This is my third pair.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5DeanSeptember 22, 2012I'm quite pleased with the earplugs. The yellow inserts cut way down on the wind noise but let me hear traffic and my own exhaust.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Joel MAugust 22, 2012I'm picky about earplugs - I have very touch-sensitive ears. I ordered 5 different kinds of earplugs to test them out for riding on my cycle. These fit great, were comfortable, and the yellow filters were the perfect amount of noise-reduction for still hearing traffic without the wind roar.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Igor "Akira"July 5, 2012I bought two sets and I would highly recommend these ear plugs.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Jim EtzelJuly 2, 2012I was using a different ear plug and the wind noise was causing my ears to ring. These ear plugs took a lot of that away. Great product! When my two pair are worn out, I will be buying two more.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs4JSMay 31, 2012I used to use foam plugs on the highway and nothing in the twisties. I now wear the yellow all day. I'd buy again.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs4KenMay 29, 20122nd set I have purchased. It's a great plug and does a very good job in my helmet. Very comfortable and effective. The only problem is that these are smaller in diameter than my original set. It makes it harder to get a good seal when inserting and make it harder to get them out. But once in they are the best I've used. Do wish the inserts could attach to the earplug. They sometime slide out when removeing but it's easy to put them back
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5Mark SApril 23, 2012Ear plugs fit perfect and work as advertised. I had no problem putting them in my ears or taking them out as some people have reported. Wind noise was greatly decreased but I could still listen to the radio even with the yellow filters installed. I would highly recommend these ear plugs.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs4ScottApril 18, 2012I use these on an HD Street Glide with a properly sized aftermarket windshield. Pros: Both the green and yellow inserts block wind noise about 95%, yet allow me to hear the radio better as well as the bike and other sounds I want to hear. I can wear either while riding. Cons: Conversations are harder to hear than I'd prefer with either insert. Use caution when inserting, the provided tube for inserting can cause you to place them to far into your ear and they won't be easy to remove. The yellow (heavier) inserts are more effective with a 3/4 helmet or anything else that covers my ears. Seems the additional protection provided by a 3/4, etc., allows more sound and the heavier inserts reduces those nicely (exhaust can get loud). The lighter inserts (green) are better with no additional cover over my ears. Noise is not magnified by any additional cover.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5SamDecember 14, 2011Works well in attenuating the noise. Note - it doesn't remove the noise completely (it isn't a noise cancellor). It attenuates the wind noise and the engine noise to the extent that you feel comfortable when riding. Previously I was very annoyed by the wind buffering noise especially at high speeds, but with this it's gone. The one gripe I have is that its hard to remove from your ear. Takes a bit of practice to get it right, but other than that, product works as advertised.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5SeanAugust 31, 2011I like how well these damp the sound, however I find them to be to small in length. It is very hard for me to remove them from my ears after a long ride. Perhaps they could add a small flap near the stem?
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5irwatersJune 8, 2011really like these things. now on my second set, use them on the track and for riding in general. i have issues with most earplugs hitting the liner on my helmet, these ones are short enough it isn't an issue. also makes it (somewhat) possible to hear/talk to folks with them in.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5tom rolstadMay 21, 2011great
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5GaborMay 16, 2011Works as promised. It needs some practice to put them in but once they're in place they reduce wind sound dramatically.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs4Jose L. DavilaFebruary 22, 2011Good sound protection. Very easy to misplace them, need something to keep them together. hard to place them correctly.
Alpine MotoSafe Natural Sound Motorcycle Ear Plugs5David; Houston, TXDecember 17, 2010So far so good. Takes a little practice getting them in and getting a good seal. They function as promised.

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