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3M™ Peltor™ Welding Earmuffs H505B (NRR 17)

3M Peltor Welding Earmuffs H505B (NRR 17)

Product Number: m3mweldingmuffea-000
Mfg. Part No: H505B

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3M Welding Earmuffs are the first hearing protection earmuffs specifically for welders, designed for comfortable and convenient use under welding helmets. Created for use with the 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 Welding Helmet, 3M Welding Earmuffs will fit under a variety of welding helmets, thanks to their super low profile, lack of protruding parts, and flexible low-profile wire neckband.

These earmuffs offer 17dB of sound attenuation. That is enough noise blocking to help prevent noise-induced hearing damage from all that welding, cutting, and grinding, but not so much protection that you won't be able to hear important warning sounds.

3M Welding Earmuffs are very slim, very lightweight, and very comfortable. The slimline design still makes plenty of room inside each ear cup, preventing moisture and heat build-up. Broad, soft-sealing rings on each ear cup make for a snug fit (even while wearing glasses). No protruding parts and a semi-soft outer cup surface minimizes scratching noise between the earmuffs and the welding helmet, preventing the creation of any extra sound that could reverb through your skull as you move your head. And the flexible 3M Peltor wire neckband keeps the earmuffs in place with constant and even pressure.

3M Welding Earmuffs will stand up to wear in heat or cold. These earmuffs are comfortable enough for hours and hours of use, and durable enough to use year after year.

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