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Hearos F4 Series 7421 Reusable Ear Plugs (NRR 27)

Hearos F4 Series 7421 Reusable Ear Plugs (NRR 27)

Product Number: chef4plug00000pr-000
Mfg. Part No: 7421

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Hearos F4 Series Reusable Ear Plug Features:
  • Innovative 2-dome, 2-disk-flange design
  • Excellent seal against noise + all-day comfort
  • Simple push-and-twist insertion and removal
  • Reusable and washable for an extended lifetime
  • NRR 27 protection, suitable for industrial settings
Hearos F4 Series Ear Plug Details

Hearos, one of the most successful and well-loved foam ear plug manufacturers in the world, now brings us the F4 Series reusable ear plug. While it's not the first reusable ear plug from Hearos, it may be the most innovative. What sets the Hearos F4 apart is its 2-dome, 2-disk-flange tip. Dome shaped tips and plugs with multiple flanges are both par for the course when it comes to reusable ear plugs, but the F4's configuration is new. All reusable ear plugs are seeking one goal -- the perfect fit -- and the F4 soars ahead to meet that goal.

Each of the domes and flanges on the F4 serve to create an effective seal all the way around the inside of the ear canal. Getting that proper seal against noise is essential; it's what makes the ear plugs able to block their fully-rated NRR 27 protection from sound. That same proper fit is also responsible for ensuring the ear plugs seat comfortably in the ear canals. The F4 has four potential sealing points - 2 domes and 2 flanges - to establish and maintain an effective and comfortable fit that will last all day, even in demanding industrial workplaces.

Hearos F4 Series ear plugs are quick and easy to insert. A gentle push will usually do the trick; adding a little twist to that gentle push motion can help get the plugs seated just right. These ear plugs are reusable, and they can even be washed in a little warm water and soap to increase their lifespan.

Hearos F4 Attenuation Data
Hearos F4 Ear Plug Attenuation Chart

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By Brian M.
Excellent Product! I use them as earphone tips, not as...
March 26, 2020
Excellent Product! I use them as earphone tips, not as plugs - see below. As another reviewer mentioned, they are partly hollow down the middle of the shaft. I removed the white plug from the outer end, unfolded a paper clip and shoved the inch or so long wire in to test how deep the hollow center is - and it goes to within about 1/16 inch from the inner most domed small end. I then removed the paper clip. I wanted some 3 flange tips for my Etymotic and Westone earphones, so, I cut off the end smallest blue dome (this reveals the center shaft hole), and then cut away one section of the outer shaft, leaving enough shaft to grab them. They fit very tight on both earphones. I did not cut the 1/8 inch section off the outer shaft for the Etymotics because I needed more to grab onto to get them out. The center shaft hole is small but it does not affect the sound quality - perhaps a tiny bit of attenuation only. The 2 middle shaft rings and big outer dome "ring" make a soft, comfortable 3-ring seal. The outer dome is big and squeezes and seals the entrance to my tall oval ear canals, and the inner 2 rings are much smaller to seal my rapidly smaller inner canal area. They are short, so, they don't push on the sensitive bend-2 area. (The photos make the product look way too long. The parts that count are not too long as above).
By Glen
I wear ear plugs for motorcycle riding and lawn mowing to...
September 3, 2019
I wear ear plugs for motorcycle riding and lawn mowing to reduce wind or engine noise respectively. My go-to plug is the Howard Leight Smart Fit but I am always looking for something with a better NRR. The Hearos F4 did a nice job of drowning out the lawnmower but I found them too hard and inflexible for extended wearing such as a long bike trip. They're good ear plugs, they're just not comfortable under a helmet.
By Roger
Work good unless the loud sound happens to be directly in...
October 8, 2016
Work good unless the loud sound happens to be directly in line with your ear. Thye have a hole down the center. I shoved a wooden match stick in all the way until I hit bottom and broke off the extra. Now they work great. The rigidness the wood goves them makes them easier to use too. I like them now eanough to not be lookinbg for something better. Now I'm working with pink noise so I don't need them at all. - R

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