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Commercial Speech Privacy Systems
Reduce Distraction or prevent overhearing of confidential conversations in busy workplaces.

Commercial Speech Privacy Systems
Commercial speech privacy systems are often the best solution when you want to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information being discussed in your facility, or just reduce the distraction of unwanted noise. We offer several practical, cost-effective white noise machines that will do exactly what you need. Not all white noise generators and machines are equal, and choosing the wrong kind of white noise machine can cause more problems for your organization than it will solve.

For one to three offices, for hallways up to 50 feet and/or to treat distraction in a few cubicles, we recommend Sonet APS.

For more than 3 offices, for open areas over 500 square feet, we recommend the Oasis QT system.

Tip: If you just need a little sound masking in a small suite of offices such as in a clinical practice, consider the Marpac Dohm. We have lots of clinicians who find they work great in waiting and exam rooms.

Qt™ Systems for Speech Privacy and Office Noise Management
Qt™ Systems for Speech Privacy and Office Noise Management

Qt™ ceiling mounted systems for open cubicle spaces over 500 square feet in area, and for installations in which treatment of 4 or more offices is desired.

Sonet APS White Noise Masking System For Cubicles, Offices, & Waiting Rooms
Sonet APS White Noise Masking System For Cubicles, Offices, & Waiting Rooms

This stereo white noise machine is the only system designed specifically to treat cubicle spaces. Sonet is also ideal for high-wall cubicles, small offices, waiting rooms, treatment rooms and hallways, as well as bedrooms and home offices.

Marsona 580 and 980 Sound Screen Electro-mechanical White Noise Generators

These low-cost machines can provide a workable solution for fully-enclosed offices, exam rooms, counselor's offices and small waiting areas. The 580 is a single-speed machine that produces approximately 72 dB of white noise at a distance of 1 foot from the machine. The 980 is a two-speed machine that produces approximately 72 dB of white noise at the maximum setting and about 69 dB on the low setting. Although the sound produced is not optimized for speech privacy, these machines are by far the most popular noise masking machines in use today.

Plan for one unit per room up to about 10' x 14' in size. These Marsona machines are best for very quiet environments such as therapists' and counselors' offices in which patients and clients may overhear confidential conversations occurring in adjacent areas of the facility. These machines are not effective in cubicles, in large open areas or in high noise environments. Each machine requires a 120 volt electrical outlet and these machines cannot be operated on battery power. The unit must be set in a horizontal position making them unsuitable for most hallway applications. For hallways and cubicles, we recommend the Sonet® or the Sound Oasis® machines.


Sonet® Wall Mounted Acoustic Privacy Systems

When patient or client privacy is mission critical, the Sonet® Acoustic Privacy System can be the best choice. Sonet is designed using a flexible system that includes a sound generator and separate sound-masking emitters (speakers) that can be placed where needed. Each sound generator allows full range volume control and can be expanded by adding two additional emitter speakers (for a maximum total of 4 emitters attached to a single sound generator) to effectively cover a wide range of space configurations including high-walled cubicles, fully-enclosed small offices, hallways, and waiting rooms. Sonet® produces a patented sound that is optimized for masking the human voice, which means you can operate it continuously without irritation and at a lower volume with the same or better effect than you get from ordinary white noise machines. For more information and to determine the amount of Sonet equipment to buy for your application, please visit our "More About Sonet" page.


Oasis-QT Ceiling-Mounted Speech Privacy Systems

Oasis is the only ceiling mounted system available today that provides these benefits: Patented QT sound technology for the most effective masking sound you can buy, Simple plug-and-play installation designed to enable end users to complete installation without the need for outside assistance, Scalable from 400 square feet to infinity, at a cost from $.65 to $1.75 per square foot. When you need to provide a masking sound to reduce distracting noises or when you need to insure complete privacy of conversation, Oasis is our top pick.


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