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Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband

Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband
Product Number: ajabanditea00000-000Reviews:
Mfg. Part No: EAR BAND-IT


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50-143$7.77Save 40%
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Current Price: $12.95


The Ear Band-it headband/earplug system was originally designed by an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist for his young patients with ear tubes to help keep Putty Buddy plugs secure, even during vigorous activity. Ear Band-its are soft headbands that are worn over a pair of water-safe earplugs to keep them from falling out while swimming or playing in the water. Designed for use with Putty Buddies Floatable Swimming Earplugs, the Ear Band-it works well with all brands of moldable silicone ear plugs. We recommend The Ear Band-it especially for very young children because the Band-it can help prevent choking on plugs that might otherwise be removed by the child or fall out during vigorous play.

Not just for kids! We find that a lot of adult swimmers also appreciate the benefits of the Ear Band-It headband/earplug system, and the large size will fit most adults.

Available in three sizes and five colors. Velcro fastener.

  • Small size Ear Band-It is adjustable from 16.5 to 18.5 Inches and generally fits children from ages 1 to 3 years of age.
  • Medium size Ear Band-It is adjustable from 18.5 to 20.5 Inches and generally fits children from ages 4 to 10 years of age.
  • Large size Ear Band-It is adjustable from 20.5 to 23 Inches and generally fits children from ages 10 to adult.

  • Watch the Video! [Highly Recommended!]

    Note: Neoprene headbands may need to be stretched by hand a bit in order to achieve a comfortable fit.


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    Item No: ajabanditultraea-000

    QuantityPrice per Item
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    10-49$10.47Save 30%
    50-143$8.97Save 40%
    144+$7.48Save 50%
    Current Price: $14.95


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    Putty Buddies FLOATING Colorful Soft Moldable Silicone Swimming Ear Plugs for Kids (1 Pair w/Carry Case - 7 Colors Available!)

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    Item No: cjaputtyea000000-000

    QuantityPrice per Item
    6-11$1.00Save 49%
    12-49$0.95Save 51%
    50+$0.80Save 59%
    Current Price: $1.95


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    Little Grommets Mesh Swimming Headband Pouch

    Little Grommets Mesh Swimming Headband Pouch is the perfect place to stow your swimming headband, ear plugs and whatever. The pouch is generously sized, has a zipper closure and keyring attachment point. Because it is fully ventilated, you can store your stuff wet and it will dry out in the pouch. Very handy!

    Item No: algmeshbagea0000-000

    QuantityPrice per Item
    2-9$6.40Save 20%
    10-49$5.60Save 30%
    50-143$4.80Save 40%
    144+$4.00Save 50%
    Current Price: $8.00


    Product Reviews for Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband

    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband2CyndieJuly 25, 2012Ear bandit slips off forehead. If the child stays above water, in a swim ring, it isn't too bad, but if she gets her head into water, ear plugs come out and ear bandit slips off her head a lot.
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5BlaineJuly 8, 2012Works very well! Keeps water out!
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5J BierleinJuly 6, 2012I bought it for my 5 year old due to an ear infection and it seems too big. It doesn't stay over both ears.
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband4JamieJuly 6, 2012We love it! It just doesn't stay well on our little girls head. She is always pushing it back on her head. But it does cover her ears and that is what we need!!!!
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband3jesse puchalesJuly 6, 2012the fit was great but it kept falling down over his eyes. we bought a medium because the small was not big enoughfor our four year old.
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5joan davenportJuly 2, 2012The band does slip. I found that it slips less if I put sunscreen on after the headband. The sunscreen makes it move around more. It is the best that I have tried, although not perfect. I have also discovered that the plugs swell and loosen a little in pools, but not in the ocean. The are the best plugs around, though.... easy to manipulate, etc... my son has had 8 sets of ear tubes, so I am acquainted with what is on the market.
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5MarianneMay 29, 2012Great Product!! Saved the day for my 6 year old granddaughter who has tubes in her ears and her plugs were not always staying in. Now she can swim underwater and not worry about the plugs falling out.
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband1FlfishmomMay 28, 2012Fast delivery, but product slips, and already fraying on the edges after 2short pool uses.
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband4AlejandraMay 21, 2012It doesn't stay in place but it still works...
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband3NancyJuly 25, 2011The headband doesn't stay in place very well. We have to keep adjusting it so it covers the ears. It always slides back or forward. When it stays on the ears, it works great though.
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5Joy BooneJuly 18, 2011It comes up when my 5 year old jumps or dives in pool. No matter what I did it comes off the ears. Any suggestions? [from EPSS Customer Service: Check to see if the band is placed on your child's head in the correct position; see the picture at Make sure the velcro is firmly fastened. Also, consider if a diffeent size may be needed. Hope this will help.]
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5MindyJuly 7, 2011This is the best product on the market and we have tried severa. Also great customer service and very affordable.
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5shirlyJune 14, 2011great!
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5grandmaJune 3, 2011works great to keep wax [plugs] in and water out
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5Eleanor VaughanMay 24, 2011This product works excellently with the putty buddies, creates a waterproof seal to the ears. My son thinks it looks like a rockers head band and loves putting it on.
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5KarenApril 4, 2011Great product, fast delivery. Thank you
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5janeMarch 16, 2011this item is great, delivered with no fuss and on time!
    Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband5nearkFebruary 19, 2011perfect for keeping ear plugs in place on my active 3yr he can go underwater with no worries great product! order received fast!!

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