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Sert-A-Plug Foam Earplug Application Tool with Foam Ear Plugs
One Tool with 10 Pairs of Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 32)

Sert-A-Plug Foam Earplug Application Tool with Foam Ear Plugs - 10 Pairs (NRR 32)
Product Number: csasertaplug10pk-00z
Mfg. Part No: GE-SAP-10

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This Product is Rated MR Safe
Sert-A-Plug: Better, Faster, Cleaner Noise Protection.

How to Use Sert-A-Plug Foam Earplug Insertion ToolIf you've ever tried disposable foam ear plugs, then you know: the hardest part is getting the ear plugs inserted properly. If it's not done just right, the ear plugs can't provide their full Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), leaving your ears vulnerable. The same problem happens if the ear plugs don't get inserted deeply enough: you're exposed to irritating or hazardous noise, potentially leading to noise-induced hearing loss. Making matters worse, you have to touch your ear plugs all over to roll them down, which can spread dirt, oil, and germs from your hands to your sensitive ear canals. And even when you do everything perfectly, the whole plug insertion rigmarole takes away precious time you could be spending working (or playing, or sleeping!).

Sert-A-Plug solves every one of these problems, making inserting foam ear plugs quick, clean, and easy to get right. This is the perfect tool to help ensure you get properly fitted foam ear plugs every time.

Includes one Sert-A-Plug tool and 10 pairs of foam ear plugs.

Sert-A-Plug is ideal for...
  • For sleep and snoring, whether at home or traveling
  • Yard work, including lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and chain saws
  • MRI centers, where patients unfamiliar with hearing protection struggle to get a good fit
  • Shooting ranges and gun clubs, where members need noise protection for shooting sports
  • Workplace noise protection, where daily noise exposure is a threat to workers
  • "Plugging" your kids for hearing protection at motorsports events and concerts!
  • "Plugging" elderly or disabled people for noise protection at loud church services or concerts
...and any other time or place where foam ear plugs are needed.

Sert-A-Plug: Better, Cleaner, and Faster

Sert-A-Plug improves hearing protectionBetter Noise Protection: Since Sert-A-Plug inserts the ear plug smoothly and to the proper depth, you're much more likely to get the full NRR of your ear plugs. Without proper insertion, you just can't benefit from a hearing protector's full noise blocking capability - so the noises won't be blocked out well, and you won't be adequately protected from noise-induced hearing loss.

Sert-A-Plug improves hygieneCleaner & More Hygienic: You don't have to touch the actual ear plugs with a pre-loaded Sert-A-Plug insertion tool. Instead, you can handle the plugs only via the tool, which dramatically improves hygiene. That means reduced ear irritation and a more comfortable fit, so you can work, study, sleep, relax, or enjoy noisy events without distraction. This also helps prevent ear infections.

Sert-A-Plug saves timeFaster Insertion: Most foam earplugs take a minimum of at least 2 minutes to insert properly, with no guarantee that you'll get a good fit in return for your trouble. Sert-A-Plug's innovative design solves this problem in seconds, saving you time, and saving your hearing. This speedy, easy insertion is especially valuable when you need to help someone else with their ear plugs.

Disposable foam ear plugs (DSFE) are the #1 hearing protection device in the industrial sector, and some of the most popular ear plugs in the world for sleeping and general noise protection. With Sert-A-Plug, you can take advantage of the best protection your foam plugs can offer, you can keep your ears safe and clean, and you can be confident that you are properly defended against hearing damage.

How Sert-A-Plug Works

The Sert-A-Plug Earplug Application Tool is as simple as it is innovative. Just insert the application tool into the ear canal and press the plunger to push the ear plug gently but firmly into place. Repeat for the other ear. That's it. As easily as that, Sert-A-Plug delivers a perfect fit, every time.

Sert-A-Plug comes pre-loaded with high-quality soft NRR 32 foam ear plugs, which provide excellent noise blocking that's suitable for a wide variety of applications. Additionally, Sert-A-Plug is reusable! Simply wash your hands thoroughly, clean both tips of the tool, and then just reload with your choice of foam ear plugs. Though each Sert-A-Plug tool comes pre-loaded with a pair of nice foam plugs, the application tool also works with a wide range of other disposable foam ear plugs. So if you've already found your ideal foam earplugs, Sert-A-Plug can help you get the very best fit from your favorites.

How Sert-A-Plug Ear Plug Insertion Tools Work

Sert-A-Plug Demo: Learn How to Use Sert-A-Plug!

Sert-A-Plug is actually easier to learn and use correctly than the traditional hand-rolling method of insertion!

In fact, the hand-roll process must be done so precisely that we frequently have to point customers to an instructional video on foam ear plug insertion just so they can get effective protection! But with Sert-A-Plug, no complicated instructions are required to get the fit exactly right.

Making your hearing protection cleaner, faster, and more effective than ever, Sert-A-Plug transforms foam earplugs from a good-but-problematic option into an ideal solution.

Helping Other People Use Ear Plugs

Sometimes you need to help someone else put in their ear plugs. Whether you're protecting your child at a noisy family event, helping a patient at an MRI center, or assisting an elderly person at a church event, you know that hearing protection matters, and you want to get it right. But it's already tricky to get your own ear plugs inserted properly, and doing it for another person is twice as tough.

No matter why you need to "plug" another person, Sert-A-Plug makes it much, much easier to insert foam ear plugs into someone else's ears. It's easy and gentle, and it makes sure the ear plugs fit comfortably once they're in, too. Finally! Now you can make sure that no matter who you're caring for, their hearing really is protected, and they really are safe from distressing, dangerous noises.

The Sert-A-Plug Difference

This little earplug insertion tool can make a big difference for your ears. Sert-A-Plug makes using your ear plugs extra quick and easy. Sert-A-Plug keeps your ears cleaner, which means they stay healthier and free from irritation. And most importantly, Sert-A-Plug makes sure you get a good, correct, effective fit from your foam ear plugs every single time, so your ear plugs fit better, your ears feel more comfortable, and you actually get the very best noise blocking your foam ear plugs can deliver.

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Sert-A-Plug Foam Ear Plug Insertion Tool

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Sert-A-Plug Foam Earplug Application Tool - Pre-Loaded with One Pair (NRR 32)
Sert-A-Plug Foam Earplug Application Tool - Pre-Loaded with One Pair (NRR 32)

The revolutionary Sert-A-Plug Earplug Application Tool is as simple as it is innovative. Just insert the application tool into the ear canal and press the plunger to push the ear plug gently but firmly into place. Sert-A-Plug delivers a perfect fit, every time. Includes one Sert-A-Plug tool pre-loaded with one pair of foam ear plugs.This Product is Rated MR Safe

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