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3M Peltor MT7H79F-FM-50 MT Series FM Two-Way Radio Headset, Intrinsically Safe (NRR 25)

3M Peltor MT7H79F-FM-50 MT Series FM Two-Way Radio Headset, Intrinsically Safe (NRR 25)

Product Number: e3mmt7h79ffm50ea-000
Mfg. Part No: MT7H79F-FM-50

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3M MT7H79F-FM-50 IS Two-Way Radio Communcations + Hearing Protection

The Peltor 3M MT7H79F-FM-50 is an intrinsically-safe electronic hearing protection ear muff headset designed to faciliate communications via two-way radio in high noise environments. Connect the MT7H79F-FM-50 to your existing two-way radio and communicate clearly and safely, even in punishing industrial settings. The intrinsically safe design makes this communication headset ideal for use in oil, gas, and chemical industries.

Note: this is the replacement for the discontinued 3M Peltor MT7H79F-50.

Clear Communications

The 3M MT7H79F-FM-50 headset allows you to connect your two-way radio for clear audio while your hearing stays protected from noise hazards. These earmuffs defend your ears against noise-induced hearing loss and the other detrimental effects of hazardous noise, while still allowing you to communicate with other workers, hold conversations, give or take instructions, and stay alert to safety concerns. A noise-canceling boom mic ensures that your voice is transmitted clearly, even in loud environments, keeping speech crisp and easy to understand, and ensuring communications stay clear. Use with your existing two-way radio. (No built-in radio.)

Smart Construction & Comfortable Fit

Every 3M MT7H79F-FM-50 headset is built for all-day comfort. The headbands are fully-adjustable so you can ensure a good and effective fit that effectively blocks out sound; the headbands also fold, so you can easily transport and store these earmuffs between uses. The Peltor-designed ear cups are sized to fit all the way around the ear, with plenty of room for an effective acoustic seal, while the plush foam and liquid-filled cushions make them comfortable to wear for hours.

Intrinsically Safe

The 3M MT7H79F-FM-50 headset meets intrinsically safe standards (ANSI S3.19-1974, Certified Intrinsically Safe by Factory Mutual (FM)) so it is an excellent choice for any intrinsically safe work environment. For the oil/gas industry and any others in which flammable gasses are present, these intrinsically safe communication headsets are the perfect solution for both hearing protection and communication.

An intrinsically safe push-to-talk adapter is also available (sold separately).

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