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Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs (NRR 22)

Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs
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Mfg. Part No: APOTHECARY677989


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Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs are made specifically to improve your comfort while flying. The rapid pressure changes that occur during takeoff and landing often cause pressure to build up painfully in the inner ear. By wearing Flite Mate ear plugs from takeoff through landing, the pressure changes are moderated, giving the inner ear more time to adjust to the changes in pressure that are unavoidable during flying trips.

Flite Mate ear plugs feature a tiny vent in the ear plug body that lets the higher pressure inside the ear dissipate slowly over time allowing the inner ear more time to adjust to the change in pressure. For many people this additional time means reduction or elimination of the ear pain so many passengers suffer during their plane rides.

In addition to managing the pressure changes to reduce ear pain, Flite Mate ear plugs also moderate the infernal noise that can make flying so tiring. The 22 NRR reduces the noise volume by more than 75%, while still letting you carry on conversations with your seat-mate without the need to remove the earplugs. The "natural sound" characteristics of Flite Mate ear plugs means they will not distort the sound of music when worn at clubs and concerts, so you can wear your Flite Mate ear plugs to protect your hearing in all kinds of noisy places between flights. As a bonus, the clear flanges make your Flite Mate earplugs almost invisible in the ear.

Flite Mate ear plugs are washable and reusable making them a bargain relative to other brands of flying ear plugs that are not washable, and so cannot be used but for a single trip.

Each pair comes in a nice rectangular carry case.

Product Reviews for Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs

Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs5BobDecember 27, 2014Easily the most comfortable ear plugs I've used...inserted prior to airplane door closing, left them in till we reached cruising altitude, removed them, reinserted about an hour prior to landing as the plane began descent. Will use again with ZERO hesitation!
Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs5ChrisNovember 17, 2014I have a terrible time with ear pain when I fly and have tried other ear plugs. These work great! Since starting to use Flents my flight experiences are so much better. They are also more comfortable in the ear than any other plugs and can be used over more than just once! I now won't fly without them!
Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs5NikoleNovember 2, 2014These work way better than Ear planes. I was going to give up flying altogether until I finally found something that worked. I refuse to fly without them.
Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs5RosettaOctober 17, 2013I found these online and purchased them and flew with them this past week and had no ear pain! I can't be 100% sure it was the earplugs, because I always take a decongestant, and lots of it, because my ears hurt so bad, but I'm sure the earplugs were a great help. I had only a hint of my ears and was anxious to find out what would happen, or not happen, and I had none of the pain I usually have flying. I would recommend these, and they're reasonably priced. I wish they had baby size because you always hear one or two babies crying when landing, and I'm sure it's their ears.
Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs5Melvin TuretzkyMay 13, 2013These are the very best flying ear plugs and I have been using a variety of types for years. They can be readily reused and also easily cleaned to extend their life. I liked dealing with this vendor who immediately corrected an error (probably mine) in the original shipment. You also get a real person on the line as soon as you call - NO menus.
Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs5nkSeptember 8, 2012Bought these for noise reduction and for flying primarily. So far it has been great, reduces noice and you can still hear the other person. Also they look fancy and are almost in-ear. It says it is good for 6 uses only, but I think it can be used for longer.
Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs5ArielFebruary 28, 2012Great
Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs5SimoneJanuary 23, 2012We have previously used these ear plugs. This is our 2nd order we have made from Australia. Love them will continue to order them from earplugstore great service and prompt delivery too. Keep up the great work at the earplugstore.
Flents Flite Mate Flying Ear Plugs5B GroffJune 22, 2011These ear plugs are definitely the best! They relieve most pressure problems when flying, are great at muffling noise, & are so comfortable. The case is nice & small so I keep one pair in my pocketbook all the time for loud movies, fireworks, etc.. They are so much better than other "pressure plugs" for flying or the cheap bulky foam ones that fall out! Originally got them years ago at CVS but no very glad to find them on-line & stock up. Thanks!

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